Vox Pop – Darren Gonsalves

Name: Darren Gonsalves
Age: 23
Occupation/title: IT Support Technician
Industry: IT

Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran are likely to be shot dead in the coming weeks. Should the Australian government take action (legal aid removal etc) if they are killed for drug trafficking?

Yes,  I believe the government should take action to show that these sorts of rulings just aren’t acceptable in today’s society. My morals say if you have done something wrong, you should pay your dues of course – but the death sentence is way too extreme.

Will the political result in Bali influence your thoughts on ever travelling to Bali/Indonesia in the future?

This will not influence my desire to travel to Bali or Indonesia.

ISIS killed 21 Egyptian Christians this week. Is religion to blame for the hostility, or is the group simply masquerading behind Islam?

I think they’re an extremist group that has taken the Islamic religion out of context for their own benefits, and yeah, hiding behind Islam.

Colorado made $700 million in legal weed sales in 2014. Should marijuana be made legal in Australia?

Yeah I reckon it should.  I’m not sure how much research that shows marijuana is bad for your health – depending on how you consume it. In fact it is used to cure some illnesses with subscriptions in the US. So why shouldn’t it be legal?

The Tunbull v Abbott debate continues. Would you vote for Malcolm Turnbull if he ran for PM?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t believe in any political promises – because as soon as anyone comes into office many are taken of the table. So not really sure.

American Sniper, Birdman and The Theory of Everything are currently in cinemas. 2015 is a big year for film, what film are you most looking forward to in 2015?

I’m really looking forward to the The Theory of Everything, especially since the two main actors that play Stephen Hawking and his girlfriend have won multiple awards – as well as the movie itself.

Greyhound racing. Speculation about ‘live bait’ including piglets, rabbits and possums used in racing training – is it an ethical ‘sport’ or should it be stopped?

Each to their own, but I believe it’s pretty unethical to use live bait to make the dogs go faster.

‘Gallipoli’ is being touted as one of the best pieces of Australian television, but it’s not pulling ratings. Have you watched it, and would you over reality TV?

Unfortunately I haven’t watched it – I’ve never really got into TV serials about Australian history. Just not my thing.

Tensions in the Ukraine. Multiple claims are still coming from both Ukraine and Russia, should Western countries like the US, Britain and Australia step up their involvement?

No, in my opinion, if countries like the US get too involved in the situation they could cause more harm than good. They should mediate with Russia and Ukraine but any direct involvement could well come with consequences from Russia.

Netflix, Stan, Presto or does the TV-subscription model not appeal?

Netflix is my number one choice hands down. Especially as Australia doesn’t always get the latest TV shows or movies unless you have Foxtel, in which you pay a higher premium for less content. Netflix is cheaper and has the latest content for all age groups to watch, at any time you want.

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