Vox Pop – Eamonn Warner

Name: Eamonn Warner
Age: 25
Occupation/title: Editor, Freelance Journalist
Industry: Media

Same sex marriage. A bill used to drum up Labor party support, or genuine?

The timing is calculated but it should have been introduced a few years ago if we’re being honest about it. On the back on the Irish voting yes on the issue hopefully the momentum is there and our political class can finally do something to make the lives of those in the LGBTQI community a little easier.

Adam Goodes. Was his ‘war dance’ celebration a cultural tribute or should he have not done it?

Australia’s most high profile indigenous man, celebrates his people’s heritage, after kicking a goal during a round built around the contribution indigenous people have made to his sport – it was a brilliant moment. If you think otherwise you probably enjoy Andrew Bolt un-ironically.

FIFA. What will happen now Sepp Blatter has been outed?

Hopefully wide scale reform. But given FIFA’s history even before Blatter (Havelange taught Sepp all the tricks), I fear the cycle will just start all over again.

Caitlyn Jenner. Is the widespread media coverage justified or over the top?

It has felt saturating, but the coverage of her transition is doing wonders for educating people on the issues facing people who identify as transgender.

Daly Cherry Evans. Do contracts mean anything in sport anymore?

Not in rugby league. The system they have in place in the NRL around contracts is ridiculous. Introduce a two month transfer window at the end of the season and problems like this will disappear.

Indigenous and jail. How big a problem is the high levels of Indigenous Australian youths in prison?

It’s a massive issue and we just aren’t doing anywhere near enough to try and fix it. Indigenous Australians have been, and continue to be an afterthought when it comes to solving societal issues.

Entourage v Jurassic World. Both out over the next seven days, what is your pick?

If you’re a clever girl there’s only one possible choice.

Uber. Will the GST add ons stop you from using the service?

Never caught one. For most people I guess it will depend on the severity of the tax.

NBA finals. Golden State or Cleveland?

I’d have to say Golden State. Bogut has been slogging it out in the NBA years, so he deserves a title. Although I do enjoy how much Americans hate Dellavedova’s niggly style.

Russell Brand. He’s in the country soon, intelligent social commentatory or only popular because of his fame?

I think he’s leveraged his fame to get his voice out there when it comes to the big issues in UK politics. Being incapable of nuance is more damaging to his current image than his past fame.

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