Vox Pop – John Ridoux

Name: John Ridoux

Age: 22

Occupation: Student

Have the public been too quick to jump on the Aussie cricket team heavily celebrating their World Cup victory?

Yes we have. Some of us celebrated before the game was even played.

There’s been a backlash against new Daily Show host Trevor Noah regarding some old Twitter jokes of his. Are the complaints legitimate or is this tall poppy syndrome?

It is tall poppy syndrome. Everybody has made mistakes in their past. It’s just a big deal now because he has become the host of The Daily Show and the haters want to have a crack at him. Honestly they should leave it to the past.

Mad Max. Are you keen for the Tom Hardy led re-boot of the Aussie icon?

Any movie with Tom Hardy is worth watching. Especially since Warrior in 2011.

Tidal. Is Kanye and Jay-Z’s new music streaming service ready to live up to the hype?

Maybe they are. Other stars and big companies already jumped on the idea but they’ve got their name attached to it which could be more valuable than anything else.

The sale of NSW’s pole and wires seems a real possibility now with Mike Baird winning re-election. Should we be selling off public assets for the sake of balancing the budget?

No we should not. There are other ways to balance the budget that the Government is not telling us about because it would cut into their own plans for themselves – and their salaries.

The AFL Anti-doping Authority announced this week that the 34 Essendon players – along with the club – have no further case to answer regarding their doping allegations. Have they been let off to easy?

I like to think so since ASADA had 2 witnesses to testify in court and they go from 2 to nil in a month. Clearly something has happened with the witnesses and we will probably never know what.

Sydney Film Festival. They released the preview of their 2015 line-up this week. Are you already clearing your schedule?

Not really. Some of the announced movie look really interesting like Mr Holmes and Best of Enemies, but I haven’t made this a priority of mine.

Easter. Are we sick of the promotions starting months in advance of the long weekend?

I do not think anybody would complain about a long weekend holiday, no matter how many ads we see about Easter.

With Labor siding with the Government on the new data retention laws, do you feel the protections for journalists (and their sources) within the legislation are adequate?

The protection for journalists and their sources has been long gone since some major newspapers have indirectly chosen a party [to support]. The legislation is inadequate and always will be until journalism gets back its independency.

Drinking Age. Christian Democratic MP Fred Nile wants the legal age raised to 21. Impossible, or does he have a point?

Impossible. The legislation they put on nightclubs to not sell alcohol past a certain hour already put a strain on consumers and vendors. If Fred Nile finds a way to raise the drinking age, I do not want to imagine the uproar from nightclubs who would lose a majority of their customers, or the wave of new angry young adults.

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