Vox Pop – Josh Bendall

In our brand new segment, each week we’re going to be chatting to Gen Whyers from all over Australia and getting their opinion on current trending news from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side stepping here!

Name: Josh Bendall
Age: 25
Occupation/title: Social Media Exec.
Industry: Digital Marketing

Tony Abbott. Will he survive the year? Why?

Only just. This looked like his biggest challenge and he beat the spill.

Kanye West. Douchebag, visionary, mastermind or straight up idiot?

All of the above. He should stick to letting his music do the talking.

Anonymous hacking ISIS websites. Good or bad for public safety?

It’s a great initiative by a group that’s going to hit them where it hurts,

Police shootings. Should police have full rights to “shoot to kill” civilians as we’ve seen in the Hungry Jacks incident?

Police should not carry firearms at all anymore. Tasers, batons and capsicum spray is more than enough. 

Sydney Siege interviews. Stunning insights or commercialised waste of time?

Commercialised waste of time by media groups who care more about ratings than the whole event.

Australian Bali 9 pair. Do they deserve to live?

No. They knew the laws and risks, imagine how many lives would have been lost from the drugs they trafficked.

Ukraine. Should the US provide weapons to the Ukraine given rising hostilities with Russia?

No. The European union should be making these decisions and not relying on the U.

Straight Outta Compton movie. Glorifying gangs and thuggery or an ode to the start of the rap scene?

Looks like it could be a great movie. Hopefully Hollywood don’t blow it like they have done in the past. 5 stars.

Alabama same-sex marriage. Do you agree and do you think we’ll ever see it in Australia?

Yes totally agree. It’s embarrassing seeing a country like ours still not separating church and state.

50 Shades of Grey film. Does it promote domestic violence or another case of media hype?

It doesn’t promote domestic violence, however there would be a lot of backlash if the film was from the male perspective.

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