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Vox Pop – Kevin D’Lima

Name: Kevin D’Lima

Age: 22

Occupation/title: Paralegal

Budget 2015. Were you happy with the result?

Neither happy nor unhappy. I think it seemed very much a budget of consolidation in the wake of the 2014 budget. A lot of the practical details of the budget are still filtering through.

What cut/addition/part of the budget do you feel will affect you the most?

Changes to the Youth Assistance Scheme probably.

Zoo Mag. Should the revealing magazine be banned from Woolworths and Coles?

Probably sitting on the fence for this one. I think there are definitely aspects of it that can be viewed as having an unhealthy effect on the image of women; however, if someone wants to take that stance I believe there are numerous magazines stocked by Coles and Woolies which are guilty of the same. So why not attack the regulation which permits it rather than a particular product?

Struggle Street. Do you think the 2-part series was effective or did more damage than good?

I haven’t watched a lot of it yet, but from the little I saw I was unsure of what the actual purpose of the documentary was. It seemed to have a micro view that didnt really point out any socio economic factors which would have provided context to the show – which I would expect from documentaries in general.

Death Penalty. Post the Bali 9 events, do you think we will see changes in attitude towards the death penalty?

I’m not sure, but I think it certainly has the potential to do so. I think the media’s willingness to cover similar events will be the defining factor.

El Nino. Is the predicted upcoming severe weather conditions a concern to you?

Definitely. I think the drought experienced by NSW in the past is a resounding reminder of the possible ramifications. Further, the existing probelms faced by farmers in Australia highlight the significance of the potential effects of an El Nino cycle.

Vegemite. It’s been getting a lot of media, so really, love it or hate it?

My first experience of Vegemite involved my brother tricking me into trying some, claiming that it was actually Nutella. Haven’t been a big fan ever since. Can’t say I hate it though, I think it definitely has a unique significance within Australia which can be appreciated without enjoying its taste.

Terrorism. The US Consulate in Melbourne has issued the high chance of terror attacks in Australia. Are you concerned?

Probably not any more concerned than I was prior to the warning. I think that Australia has effective policies and procedures in place to deal with most threats.

Johnny Depp. Should he have been allowed to bring his dogs into Australia?

No. I don’t think putting them down is the answer either. Quarantine them and send them back in my opinion.

Kylie & Jackie-O. They’ve come under a bit of pressure this week, do you find them crude or is it good entertainment?

Crude. But those that listen to their show are aware of this already and I think there are many other options for those that are offended or not interested.

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