Vox Pop – Nataly Perez

Name: Nataly Perez
Age: 21
Occupation/title: Bartender/Freelancer

Dallas Buyers Club. Has the landmark piracy case changed your attitude to illegal downloading?

Look, I think I’m as shocked as everyone else to see something actually being done about illegal downloading. Maybe it’s the laidback Australian in me, but I don’t think it will actually prevent “individual” downloaders/pirates from watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones before it reaches us. Perhaps those who download with the intention to sell fake copies will sit up and pay attention.

ANZAC Day. Do you think there should still be a Monday public holiday despite ANZAC day falling on the weekend?

If it is to commemorate and pay respect, then yes. If it’s to encourage Sunday night shenanigans that have nothing to do with ANZAC day then no, why should there be?

Shootings in the US. Should there be stricter rules on police shooting guns or are they within their rights?

I really do believe that guns, in any situation, are more trouble than they’re worth. There should be stricter guidelines on where shooting is appropriate but if they find themselves in that situation and feel threatened I don’t think stricter rules will pass through their mind.

Fast and Furious. After the tragic passing of Paul Walker, do you think there will be more films in the franchise?

No, purely out of respect. The tribute they have made is undeniably touching and I think they’ve topped it with that. I don’t think loyal audiences will want to see another instalment without Paul.

Sporting referees. After a week of turmoil across codes, do you think sporting refs cop too much abuse?

Yes. I don’t believe any human in any context should be treated with such disrespect, particularly by booze-fuelled spectators. I have friends who referee locally and even they are uncomfortable with the treatment they receive, I can’t begin to imagine what it would be like on a professional level.

Airport parking. Should there be better parking offerings at Sydney airport?

Well, that’s hard to say. Should people be able to pick up and drop their loved ones at the airport without copping a fee? Absolutely. Should we encourage people to drive and leave their cars there instead of commuting? I don’t think so. There should be more options I think but more parking would only increase traffic in that area and who really wants to have one more thing to be stressed about before they even check in?

Bali 9. Has the situation in Bali turned into another Kony example on social media?

I don’t think it’s to the scale of Kony which unfortunately blew over relatively quickly (side note: where is he now?) This hits closer to home and so of course it tends to be a popular topic on social media. The danger is when users believe and share whatever they’ve seen pop up on Facebook or Twitter and that doesn’t always translate to the reality of the situation.

Smartwatches. Industry leaders have said this week that they believe the Apple smart watch will fail in market – do you think it will do well?

I think given the pricing alone, loyal Apple users will struggle to justify it. If its fits into your lifestyle and budget – great. From what I know, I won’t be buying one.

Online streaming. The Government is set to add a GST to service, which would bump the price up. Would you potentially still subscribe?

If it’s already on DVD, there’s a good chance I’ll go to Video Ezy and hire it. I love those places. But if there is no option to have a physical copy then yeah, I probably will subscribe if I feel I’ll use it enough to warrant the price.

Asylum Seekers. Rumours the Federal Government is set to green light a $4m TV-drama to deter would-be asylum seekers. Understandable or overkill? 

Oh, overkill! I think if someone is leaving everything behind to start a new life where they hope to escape the threat of war for example, the last thing they’ll be thinking of it to check in with the latest episode of something like that. Fear can’t triumph over fear. I think the Federal Government should keep that $4m and find a more appropriate use for it.

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