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Vox Pop – Peter Fam

Each week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current trending news from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping here.

Name: Peter
Age: 24
Occupation: Rapper

Olympics, do you think we spend too much money on our athletes ?

I think we’re a sporting mad country but I don’t think that’s anything to recoil from. It’s a good distraction. I have no idea how much we spend to be honest – but I wouldn’t correlate how much we are spending with poor performance (although given we have roughly 20million people I think 6th or whatever we are coming is not bad at all). Big Thorpey and the golden goddess Cath Freeman got our hopes up too high back in the Naughty Aughty’s I reckon. (In summary I have no idea).

Reinstating section 18c, free speech or recipe for hate speech?

The key thing people aren’t bringing into this debate is a full understanding of the Act. It doesn’t prohibit free speech. It prohibits language if it is in public AND given the circumstances likely to offend, insult or humiliate someone AND the act is done because of the race/religion/ethnicity of the person or group. This is not some low threshold law that bans you from bagging on your Asian mate. This is a law that stops people from being blatantly dismissive of other people’s human rights. Ask yourself, why would the Government want to abolish that law?

Don’t get me started on Dave Leyihdehhbfegefonhelm’s piss poor proof by contradiction approach to claiming he has been “racially” discriminated against for being called “an angry white male” (white is not a race. Also mate you are factually white and angry). I’m 100% confident he will be absolutely embarrassed in the court room (if it gets there) and I hope the media fully reports on the smackdown. Anyone who has personally experienced racism before knows that there is nothing else in the world that hurts as deeply. He doesn’t know that, neither do any of the politicians trying to abolish the law. Don’t we have other shit to worry about anyway? Oh wait a second…

Climate change, conspiracy or why are we even discussing this?

There is no credible evidence that climate change is not happening. Think about that – no credible evidence. The only argument climate deniers make are refutations of the evidence that suggests it is fucking happening. I’m going with 98% of the world’s scientists on this one.

Art degrees, total waste of HECS or necessary pursuit for culture?

An old man once told me that any learning is never a waste of time.

Nauru protest of former guards, catalyst for change or another movement falling on deaf ears ?

There’s progress being made, especially with the signed petition by a couple hundred former workers that just came out. I think and hope it’s finally getting to a breaking point for the Government. If people keep stepping forward and everyone stays angry they literally have to find an alternative. It’s the second worst affront to human rights in Australia’s colonial history. History will be scathing.

Sydney was voted the second friendliest city globally, true or false?

I haven’t travelled as much as I would like but I do love Sydney, and when I have travelled there has been something about fellow Aussies that warms your heart and makes you miss home. True!

New Rogue One (Star Wars) Trailer, exciting new addition or not as good as the originals?

Mate it looks the goods hey. But as we all know trailers can be deceiving.

Celebrity feuds a la Taylor Swift / Kim K or Bieber / the world, petulant celeb attitude  or PR device?

Bit of both. It’s fun man. I hope Drake takes someone else on soon.

Drake called Eminem the greatest man to pickup the mic, discuss.

Nope – he’s a word smith and maybe creeps into the top 5 but definitely not number 1. Check out Mos Def, KRS ONE, Rakim, Biggie (if he had more albums easily No. 1). But my personal fav has always been Mos Def. Dude is am amazing lyricist, his flow is untouchable, and he has never made a bad song. He’s also a mad poet under his real name (Yasin Bey).

#auspol. Should there be an parliamentary enquiry into bank fees?

Ummm….as opposed to leaving them unregulated? Sure. But I’m totally ignorant on this. So ask someone else.

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