Vox Pop – Pouyan Omidian

Each and every week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current happenings from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. There will be no side-stepping here.

Name Pouyan

Age 24

Occupation Student

The Australian Government this week has announced plans this week to disqualify any asylum seekers from being resettled on home soil if they travel by boat, gross failure of humanity or rightful plan to discourage others?

I think it’s a disgrace, the idea of discouraging others is only suggested by those who know nothing about what its like to be in the shoes of the people who get on boats, knowing that you are travelling half way across the world with your family and children in a beat up fishing boat with no guarantee of survival should be discouraging enough, yet they still do it and that shows that ANYTHING is better than the life they are living or the way they are being treated in that country, Australia continues to violate basic human rights and pretend that they are doing this for the wellbeing of the refugees, this is definitely a gross failure of humanity.

Violence stats showing the real incidence at Sydney Star Casino, where they are exempt from the lockout laws, has shown much higher rates than reported. Casino Mike at it again or just shuffling the violence around rather than stopping it?

The casino could care less about the violence in my opinion, for them the lockout laws is good business as people who would normally be going to their preferred destination are all now ending up in one place and still spending the same amount of money if not more. Its not right but that’s how it is different groups of people judge others now you are seeing them all in the same place which is always going to cause trouble, it does not surprise me one bit that they wouldn’t report cases in which they don’t have to, money always comes first.

Megan Markle who plays Rachel Zane in Suits is supposedly dating Prince Harry, match made in heaven or odd pairing?

Meghan Markle is my celebrity crush and this news was very painful, I’m not sure what to think of it but I know that she will now be recognised a lot more, and no complaints from harry as he is punching well above his weight, id say it’s a win win.

Harry Potter fans are livid after news that Johnny Depp will star in the next Fantast Beasts outpost, valid stance against violence or unfair of his personal life to affect his career?

I don’t know too much about his situation or harry potter so I cant say. No offence harry potter fans

The world’s first Marvel exhibit is coming to Australia, sheer excitement by the hand of Thor or just another prop fest?

I’m not to fussed but I know there are a lot of marvel fans, I think it’s a good thing cant see any negatives about it.

An animal rights charity sought to post an ad on a billboard near the Melbourne Cup and was disallowed, unfair disruption of free speech or fair call?

Free speech and fair call, it would be interesting to see how people react seeing that sign on the way to the cup, I think this separates the people who genuinely care from those who just follow a trend, last year animal cruelty in the Melbourne cup was a big thing, have not heard anything about it this year, but I think its wrong that they were disallowed to post the ad.

Two Australian guys have snuck into North Korea to play golf, anything for a putt with Kim Jong or dangerous flouting of safety concerns?

I find it funny, but knowing north Korea I think it was a little stupid the story would have been very different if they were caught and accused to disrespect, north Korea is not somewhere you want to get caught playing games.

Tim Cahill has been left out of the Socceroos squad for a match in Thailand, praying it’s scheduling issues or sad time ahead as his international career winds up?

I think its just to give him some rest, he is still a big part of the squad and the best attacker on the team despite his age.

A men only coworking space set to launch this week has been savaged online after noting that men needed a space to be vulnerable and do manly work, white male privilege in it’s purest form or simple ineptness?

I think whoever organises these things is just trying to get a reaction, if that’s what you need to be vulnerable and do “manly things” I think you are other problems that need to be sorted out first.

A high speed hyperloop train linking San Fran to LA has talks of an Australian line, connecting Sydney to Melbourne in 45 mins. Wonderful commute option or never gonna happen?

Melbourne is one of my favourite places I would love for this to happen, the thought of having an option between the city and Melbourne with the same travelling time is almost to good to be true, I would love for it to happen but I don’t think it will happen, for a very long time atleast.

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