Vox Pop – Una Phillips

Every week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on trending news and current happenings from all over the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping here.

Name: Una

Age: 23

Occupation: Waitress

Matt and Alex announced this week they’re leaving Triple J breakfast, are you devastated or open to their replacements?

A confession right off the bat; I am never awake before 10am. So this change won’t really effect my life too much. I have heard the new kids on the block are a bundle of fun if that puts any early-risers’ minds to ease?

A handful of musicians used the ARIA’s this week as a platform to air their grievances with the Sydney lockout laws, fair use of the opportunity or tired of acceptance speeches turning into protests?

Personally, I’m down with a cheeky “Wake up America!” every once and awhile to raise awareness. i.e. Patricia Arquette’s Oscar acceptance speech last year preachin’ for equal pay. Get it girl!

Betoota Advocate have been amping up their offering as of late and their no holds barred approach, a fan of the satire or annoyed at the fake news headlines?

I am a fan and also staying tuned for how far they will go. (Don’t tell anyone but I have fallen for their fake headlines, more than once..)

Peter Dutton, immigration minister, took to the Bolt Report to proclaim that past governments letting in Lebanese Muslims in particular was a mistake, vicious hate speech or simply out of touch?

While a person can be both, it’s hard to believe that someone of Mr. Dutton’s position and his advisors are that ignorant.  So i would have to go  A., he’s just a dick. It would also be nice if we could “start having an honest discussion” with comparative and valid data, thanks Pete.

Band OK Go has come out with another stellar music video this time lasting only 4 seconds, glad to see someone doing something different or confusing?

I had to look this one up. Going in with no expectations I found it super fun and creative! I also liked the sly plug at the end for Walk Her Walk, check it out.

A Today Show interview with a local hero, Daniel, has seen him go viral for his ochre attitude, pure comedy or pure bogan?

Pure legend. I actually watched this this morning in “my jocks” too and, for that, I felt an unnerving connection with Daniel.  It also stirred up tender memories of the Gold Coast bogan who stopped the servo robbery this year. What a bloke.

In the new movie Fantastic Beasts one of the creatures striking resemblance to an Australian animal, the baby echidna and people have gone crazy upon finding this out, real life mystical beast or just Harry Potter fans gone mad? 

Smells like a Ministry of Magic muggle-cover-up to me.

Gilmore Girls has been revived and debuting on Netflix this week, what axed TV show would you like to see brought back?

The Office! – And while I know this is a controversial comment; I am most certainly referring to the US series.

IMAX is moving into virtual reality with its next movie offering, awesome use of technology or wish they had that for your own school excursions?

I am all about the VR. This makes me so excited! Sadly though, I don’t think my 13 year-old self would be able to appreciate just how cool this is. – probably as it doesn’t involve MSN Messenger or Supre band skirts.

Not only have the self lacing sneakers from Back to The Future been created but now someone has invented solar powered clothes as per the film’s predictions. Cool eco-friendly technology or unnecessary invention?

Anything that increases people’s use of eco power is a thumbs up from me. Not to mention having “that friend” on a Saturday night now being able to charge their phone when they go AWOL, two thumbs up for me. This prophecy-fulfilment also gives me hope that a Pizza Hydrator shouldn’t be far off.

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