Vox Pop – Vlad Aleksov

Each week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current trending news from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping here.

Name: Vlad
Age: 23
Occupation: Sales

Scott Morrison has blamed Generation Y for the economic issues facing the country, right or out of touch?

I think Scott Morrison is neither right nor completely out of touch. Although a lot of Gen Y’s have grown up expecting government payments rather than applying for them on the grounds they feel disadvantaged, Generation Y did not make the policies that led to this situation arising in the first place.

Representation of female MP’s in parliament, should their be gender quotas?

I don’t believe there should be quotas based on gender. MP’s should be voted into parliament on merit rather than gender. If that means that 100% of our MP’s are females then I’d be more than ok with that.

Frank Ocean’s album only being on Apple Music, worth the switch from Spotify or annoying exclusive?

For existing Spotify users like myself – probably not. The familiarity and ease of use of the platform is too good to give up that easily. If you’re yet to subscribe to any music-streaming platform or are shopping around for a bargain then the 3-month free trial plus Frank Ocean’s new album that Apple Music offers is too good to turn down.

Sausage Party movie, innovative take on animation or lame?

I haven’t seen it ☹

Survivor, great Australian update or not as good as the original?

I’ve never been a fan/regular watcher of the original nor the Australian version so I can’t really comment.

Should Triple J move the Hottest 100 to a different date out of respect for indigenous people?

No. I think that music and politics should be kept separate so moving it would cause more problems than leaving it. Plus, it has become an Australian tradition to listen to the Hottest 100 on Australia Day – I couldn’t imagine Australia Day without it.

Banning the burkini, necessary law for safety or freedom killer?

Freedom Killer. I do not see how the Burkini is a safety concern.

More Harry Potter books, exciting or overkill?

I only read the first 3 Harry Potter books so even the 4th one was overkill for me! I’m sure there are a lot of Harry Potter fans out there who disagree though.

Sexism in Olympic reporting offensive or ignorant?

A bit of both but more offensive than ignorant. I believe that it is partly ignorant because Sexism in sport has been around for a long time and some journalists fall into the trap of reporting in the same way as in previous times. However, there were way too many examples of sexist reporting these Olympics, both television and newspaper, which were highly offensive.

Timmy Cahill playing in the A League, massive drawcard or tail end of his career?

Cahill is a massive draw card for the A-league. Even at 36 years old, Timmy is still very much the first choice striker for the Socceroos and had a respectable goal scoring record during the last 2 years playing in the Chinese Super League. He is also the Socceroos all time leading goalscorer and is recognized by sports fans across Australia (football followers and not) which will surely put bums on seats in both Melbourne and across the A-league.

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