Vox Pop – Wendy Mansell

Name: Wendy Mansell

Age: 21

Occupation/title: Legal Receptionist/Student

Rolf Harris stripped of his CBE for child abuse. Fair result?

Definitely a fair result. It sends out a message that abuse of children is a completely intolerable occurrence within society. Someone who acts in such an immoral and disgusting way towards young women deserves no forms of honours or respects within society.

Bali 9 duo look set to be killed this next week likely. Is there any hope or do they deserve to die?

They absolutely do not deserve to die. It is understandable that they should be punished as they made some disastrous choices. They broke the law in an extreme and vile manner, however can we really see that taking their lives is the answer? These men have spent a decade behind bars suffering and paying for their actions. Taking human life for crimes such as this is simply barbaric.

Karmichael Hunt received a $2500 fine and no conviction for pleading guilty to supplying cocaine. Was this fair or just another case of celebs getting off easy?

Definitely a case of the latter. Supply of cocaine is not a small charge and the fact that he wasn’t convicted speaks volumes. Yes his reputation would have suffered a major blow however this does not compensate for the fact that a regular citizen would have received a much more significant punishment.

Guy Sebastian being chosen to rep Australia at Eurovision. Right choice? Who would you have picked?

Wrong on so many levels. I can think of an endless amount of talented Australian acts that would do a much better job. I’m sorry but does anyone really even notice/care about Guy any more? What about Sia? Or Goyte? In fact almost anyone else. We currently have such a vast and wonderful Aussie music landscape, Guy Sebastian does not represent this at all.

Video caught a US policeman shooting a homeless man on the street. Rumour has it the homeless man also had a gun, hence why he was shot. Did the officer do the right thing?

Guns and the US are already controversial and painful subjects. For us in Australia it seems outrageous the amount of gun violence that truly takes place. It’s an extremely difficult question. In the grand scheme of things one could definitely argue that taking someone’s life purely due to an item of personal property is ridiculous. The video however is only a small segment of what would have actually happened, and who knows how dangerous he potentially could have been.

There is a lot of talk about university regulations when it comes to fees. As a student, how will these openings on fees affect you?

I obviously don’t want them change. I can kind of understand the deregulation (don’t kill me). There are way too many people at uni simply as something fill up their time and days. Maybe if fees were more expensive this wouldn’t be the case. I know that if it does happen, I will still probably be the first to whinge and complain.

The Abbott Government has approved stamp price increases for postal services, with mail to also now arrive later than current times. Will postal delivery soon be fazed out?

I think it’s easy to realise that the postal delivery service is already somewhat antiquated and pretty much unused within those of our generation. As a society there is such a drive for instantaneous information and I feel that if there is a quicker/cheaper means to send messages we are likely to take advantage of that.

Jacqui Lambie – crazy or misunderstood?

Crazy. Completely crazy. She manages to say all the wrong things all the time. I do believe she has some decent intentions, yet she fails to ever get them across. All she’s good for is a nice laugh and to segregate Tasmanians further from the rest of Australia.

With Netflix set to launch on March 24th, will streaming services change the way you watch TV?

It definitely will. I’m impatient and love TV series more than anything, so that leads to a lot of torrent downloads. If there is a legal and easily accessible means to cure my boredom then I most definitely will take it on. I cannot wait to binge watch TV without that very tiny sense of guilt in my stomach.

With Aldi set to join Woolworths and Coles as a big supermarket, where would you shop out of the three?

Aldi is obviously the cheapest, however it just feels wrong to not support Australian business altogether. It is such a shame that Woolworths and Coles are so expensive or I would stay true to them. At Aldi however I can spend half the money and get twice the product, so while I am a very poor student the question isn’t difficult.

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