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All Our Fave Reactions To The Bachie Still Being … A Bachie

Ummmmm, what the hell? With the Bachie coming to and end and Honey badger gracing us with his presence for the last time, the whole of Australia was in shock. If you missed the grand final, allow me (and strap in kids, this gets pretty wild)

Basically, Honey badger strung the whole of Australia on for the ride, over 12 weeks and 25 women, he did what any bachelor does best. Being constantly surrounded by women, while on a relaxing holiday. Let’s cut to the chase here, you’ve been watching, but last night all shit hit the fan. While every one around Australia was on the edge of their seat wanting to see who bloody won the Bachelor, we were all disappointed. It was a huge plot twist, with the Honey badger not picking either of the girls to spend his life with. That’s right, the Bachelor is still a Bachelor. (Which means you girls still have a chance). Here are just some of my favourite tweets on the whole shebang:

I meannnn, it was doomed from day one. Why did no one look this up earlier?!

Ever since each respectable State’s Police Force made social media, my life has been better. I appreciate this SO much.

Okay, you might be a vet, but you’re onto something here, Chris.

I love you more now than ever, Osher.

Perfectly summed up.

If there’s something the Honey badger and I have in common, it’s that we both know the #singlelyf is the way to be. For now, anyway. But I don’t blame you if you’re low key mad at the Honey badger for leading these women on. But IMO, he did the right thing if his feelings weren’t genuine but MAN oh man, you signed up for a reason right? Lucky for you ladies and gents, you can sign up for the next season (for the right reasons I hope).

Image Source: Network Ten

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