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Wanna Know The Most Important Thing You Should Do To Save Our Planet?

This week saw the launch of the 2019 World Economic Forum’s annual meeting and first thing on the agenda: climate change.

In a meeting designed to spark the necessary conversation to ‘improve the state of the world’, there really was no better way to spark some serious, solution-oriented thought on where the world is headed and what we can do to save it. Prince William really heated things up with some big questions, sitting down with legendary Earth enthusiast himself, Sir David Attenborough.

We’re so accustomed to hearing his voice beaming from behind the lens that it’s always a treat to see Sir David Attenborough in front of the camera, enlightening us with his expertise on all things life, planet and the natural world. Prince William fired all the heavy hitting questions and among them, Attenborough was asked to reveal what he thought was the most important planet-saving measure.

He explained that our biggest priority in daily life should be avoiding waste. This needs to extend beyond conserving just energy and involve both food and power. “The future of the world is in our hand. We have never been more powerful.”

“If we damage the natural world, we damage ourselves.”

In what were a number of compelling one-liners, Attenborough stressed that we are inherently connected to our planet and as much as we may hate to admit, so too are we linked to its destruction.

As the conference is streamed internationally, Attenborough was of course addressing the global community throughout this conference. Yet with an immediate audience comprising of the world’s heavy hitters in finance, politics, business and civil society, his emphasis on power is certainly also directed towards the top dogs of the world.

The power to save our planet lies in the hand of us, as individuals, but it’s a more substantial power for those with all the money, influence and status. Let’s hope everyone had their ears pricked and their notepads handy.

Image Source: Duncan MacPherson Twitter, World Economic Forum Webpage

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