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Wastewater Results Show Aussies Spent A Whopping 9.3 Billion Dollars On Illicit Drugs In 2018

Mind blowing new info has arisen from an analysis of Australia’s wastewater showing that Aussies spent $9.3 billion last year on a variety of illicit drugs. From MDMA to heroin, the results reveal an increase in usage from previous years. The wastewater study, however, only covers 56% of the population, translating to around 13 million Aussies.

The stats were released by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, in partnership with University of QLD and University of SA.

The report shows the drug of choice for Sydney folk. Their intake of cocaine doubled Melb and Brissy. In August 2018, 1.2 grams of coke was consumed daily by every 1000 Sydney siders.

NSW and VIC still remain the capital of coke and heroin.

Cannabis was double the rate by regional Aussies, compared to those who live in the city. Northern Territory, however, had the highest consumption of cannabis, as well as MDMA.

Around Australia, cocaine and meth consumption has gone up, but MDMA and heroin has gone down.

The study showed that in the past year in Australia, 9.6 tonnes of meth was consumed, 4 tonnes of cocaine, 1.1 tonnes of MDMA and 700KG of heroin. Wild.

The $9.3 billion is nearing close to how much Aussies spend on cafes per year: $9.8 billion. The stats give huge insight into the drug market of Australia and how many Aussies are really taking drugs despite this only being 56%.

Via the report released by ACIC, ACIC’s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Phelan said “analysis of wastewater data offers opportunities to address emerging problems, identify previously unknown drug threats and consumption patterns as well as the effectiveness of demand and harm reduction initiatives.”

Image Credit: Leszek Czerwonka

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