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Watch Out Travellers, Bali Is Now Going To Charge You A Tourist Tax

As a country, we’re pretty damn lucky we get to visit Bali on the cheap. And there’s no denying it’s a damn good holiday. But new rules are being set in place to introduce a tourist levy to the country whenever you land to enjoy the sun, sea and Nasi Goreng.

It’s by no means a huge blow to the bank account at just $14. Of course, it’s another cost added to our travels that we don’t exactly want but the reason behind the new tax is completely fair dinkum. The tax will go towards several environmental projects, as well as cultural preservation of the island. A huge issue of which awareness needs to be raised and actions made sooner rather than later.


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A poignant turning point of the country’s crisis was last year when photographer, Justin Hofman captured a tiny seahorse clinging to a plastic cotton bud. This went on to spark several campaigns in the clean up of Bali’s beaches, where an annual figure of 1.29 million metric tonnes is estimated to be produced by Indonesia alone.

It has not been decided how the levy will be collected, nor has it actually been confirmed, but would most likely be added to the airline ticket or collected on arrival at the airport. Bali is a popular holiday destination for over 1.5 million Aussies alone each year. So if you do the maths, the tax could give the island a huge AU$21 million, if not more, to help clear the inundated beaches. Tourists inject an estimated $25 million+ per year into the Balinese economy. So in reality, the tax would only begin to touch the surface of the problem.

“Tourists come to enjoy our environment and culture. Why not contribute to preserving it?”

In March 2017, Indonesia pledged up to $1 billion per year to reduce the amount of plastic and other waste polluting its waters. And admirably, have since banned single-use plastic. So by contributing a mere $14 every time you go on holiday, you’re not only helping Bali clear up the tonnes of waste but in turn, making the country a more beautiful place to holiday. It’s a win-win situation. For the planet and you.

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