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Ways To Spend Your Money At A Festival: For First Timers

The next festival is around the corner (praise be) and with it comes a whole new crowd of people, some of which are little festival virgins navigating their way through the whole thing. One of the main queries regards money and what to spend it on, seeing as we’ve thought ahead and have saved accordingly (note the sarcasm, I myself haven’t saved a penny.) So here are the different things you first timers can throw your money at.

Food Truck Goodness

There’s food for days at festivals, especially those that span over a couple of days. And the best part? A lot of it comes from glorious food trucks (which is the best kind of food in existence.) If you’re looking for a way to spend your money, this is definitely a way. The aim is to get the most bang for your buck; the most filling food that’s the best tasting (not hard to find.) Blow your cash on loaded fries. Not only will you be able to power on and drink more, but it’ll sustain you for hours. Grab yourself a burger the size of your head too, because they exist.


Festivals have a massive selection of boutique clothing that you can get your mitts on. So take a look and see what goodies you can spend your money on. The good thing about these boutiques is that their styles are unique, so you’re able to go home looking like you’ve come off a runway. They’re also really well made, so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Band Merch

Who wouldn’t want something to remember their favourite band by? You can spend your dosh on a bit of merchandise to remember your time by. You don’t have to stop at band tees either (even though they’re timeless.) You’ll have your pick of bags, bottles, even those hectic hats that we used to wear at preschool as children. You know the ones that have the goofy neck protector? Go for gold, mate.

Champagne Tent

Ahh, alcohol. If you’re going to spend your money on booze at least make it count, as a lot of cash will be put towards this. Take a trip to the champagne tent with your mates, get a seat in the nice warm sun, and get yourself a bottle of bubbles. You can even add to the classiness and dress to impress. If you’re not into the sound of that, smuggle your own booze in head to the other tents and get your drink on.

Image source: Splendour in the Grass Facebook 

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