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We Just Found The Best Espresso Martini In Australia Which You Need To Try ASAP

Just in time for summer.

Calling all alcoholics lovers of a good drip of boozy goodness, I have the news your body is craving just as we head into summer. Especially if you also love a drip of espresso or a classic martini. That’s right friends, I think there is a good chance I’ve officially had the best espresso martini on this fine island home.

And look, as an unofficial top fan of the coffee cocktails, I don’t say this lightly. This year alone I’ve had espresso’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide (look at me go) – and honestly, there ain’t no competition. Sydney readers you’re particularly in luck as this delicacy can be found, acquired and guzzled at Zephyr Bar (which is part of the Hyatt Regency hotel).

Okay why is this made-for-the-weekend bev so good? Where do I bloody start. Firstly it’s a salted caramel espresso martini, so there’s my first selling point. And let me tell you why that salted caramel element is so important..

THAT FKN FOAM. Yep, it’s a nitro charged, hot salted caramel foam that sits at the peak of this masterpiece. I mean just look at it, so delightful and fluffy, and it’s thicc enough that as you go to take a ‘lil sip, the martini passes through it and hits your thirsty lips with vigour. Salted caramel and espresso martini vibes? Do it like Hannah Montana, best of both worlds yo.

They also use Mr. Black so you know that shit be premium, as well as Plantation dark rum and maple syrup. Not enough for ya? Cool ’cause I got one more GEM for you that rounds of this perfect Picasso of a cocktail.

Along with a macadamia liqueur, the drink is topped off with roasted macadamias on top, caramelised and sprinkled like the sugary elegance your body deserves, nor needs.

It’ll set you back a solid $24 which is very very dear, I will admit. But you get this killer view and some real stunning vibes all round. So start your night here, grab this martini and take in a few dusk feels – and then kick on to another bar for a few cheaper bevs.

You won’t regret it, cause honestly if James Bond was a woke millennial he’d drink this martini every day.

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