We Need to Give Brian Cox More Air Time, Not Malcolm Roberts

Graph in hand, a bound study thrown across the stage, even anecdotal evidence failed to convince One Nation Senator of climate change. Malcolm Roberts, Pauline Hanson’s right hand man took to the Q & A stage with conspiracy as his explanation, blaming NASA for inflating the data. That’s right NASA is apparently in on it, faking the moon landing was only their first act of deception.

It may seem like a wacky Illuminati conspiracy video found in the depths of Youtube, I’m not sure how I got there either but I’ve watched them all, but this is reality. Malcolm Roberts and One Nation are faced with overwhelming evidence of the human impact on climate change, their response is to cover their ears and shout loudly in ignorance. Sure it makes for a great show but these crossbenchers are the deciding factor in whether we see laws enacted, senate enquiries occur and royal commissions started. If there’s any climate skeptics out there still let’s look quickly at the breadth of the data.

These climate scientists are tasked with predicting the future, met with rigorous scrutinisation along the way. This study proves the models are doing an astute job of predicting sea levels, temperatures and mapping the impact of melting ice caps, have a read for yourself here. And every major body across the globe agrees climate change is worsening at the hands of humans, NASA , the UN, the World Health Organisation and even the Australian Government agree. The Australian Government people, notorious for ignoring issues unless broadcast on an ABC expose. Look Malcolm Roberts is not an expert, he’s in the senate merely as a puppet of Pauline Hanson’s whim to alienate the world and start her own Aryan race.

The woman is poison.

But his views represent an actual cross section of Australian’s happy to blindly ignore climate science under the guise of evidential failings. What did Malcolm Roberts do before taking on the Senate? Coal Mine Manager of course, he even lead his own climate change denial group the Galileo Movement. Instead of any proof they cite rhymes, scientific untruths all on a poorly designed web page aimed at their core audience. Empirical data, NASA conspiracy, unproved models, Malcolm Roberts futile arguments on Q & A reinforced his views as a man from the mines with no foresight for the polluted future ahead.

A mathematician, a physicist, two parliamentarians and a One Nation senator walk into a studio; climate change as the topic of discussion. The result? A shouting match of opinion, show and tell and uninformed views being amplified to a national audience. Q & A is a Hunger Games arena of practiced statements and rehearsed buzzwords, looking at you Greg Hunt who used six synonyms for completely. (Totally, entirely, absolutely, unreservedly, undoubtedly and altogether in case you were wondering). As Malcolm Roberts’ appearance last night and Pauline Hanson’s recently; giving an idiot a megaphone does not educate or reform them but makes them shout a little louder.

Image Source: ABC

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