We Ranked Our Top 10 Christmas Movies For Your Holiday Season Binge

Will Ferrel walking around NYC in an Elf costume is a mood.

*PSA* Christmas is now ONE month away ladies and gents, that’s right you have a month to get your Christmassy shit together, but even better, you have one month to turn on the TV and watch these ICONIC Christmas films.

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Even if you don’t massively celebrate Christmas, you’ve most certainly watched these films and loved or hated them. It’s become obligatory to whip out these films during this time of year, including your classic family films, some of those rom-coms, kid-friendly films, as well as some of those “what the heck I watched this as a child and laughed” type of films.

Either way, we’ve managed to compile ten worthy films and in classic 5Why style, we’re going to rank them obviously. So forget putting up the Christmas tree for one sec, and instead, spend your time reminiscing on these dashing films with a glass of hot choc or yet some iced choc, since it is Straya m8.

#10 Last Christmas

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*Warning low-key spoilers*

Look, I know, It’s not your classic go-to film, since it’s just come out in cinemas, but we had to include this newbie in the list. For the single reason that it left myself and my mum in tears wishing for a better ending (low-key spoiler). Also, Emma Thompson is a G.O.A.T and Emilia Clarke, well she’s just the stunning Emilia Clarke.

This movie and the whole cast was fantastic, wholesome, very comedic, but also v sad since the ending ruined my dreams of the two lovebirds ever being together. So if you’re getting sick of Love Actually, head to the cinemas and check out this new Chrissy rom-com, and bring tissues, you’ll thank me later.

#9 The Polar Express

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Not the absolute favourite from my list, but definitely nostalgic and the classic kids hit that we had to include. I’m positive this one will be shown to your future kids, to then their kids, for then generations to come. This one’s been around for nearly 16 years, which is quite impressive itself (feel old?) And I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

#8 Bad Santa

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This one is on our naughty list for sure, so wouldn’t recommend watching it with the little ones… Not your typical Chrissy film, but it’s spicy and that’s why it’s made its mark on our list.

#7 Santa Claus (1, 2 and 3)

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These three films are all so nostalgic and perfect for the fam bam to binge before Tim Allen leaves the North Pole and comes down to Aus on a Kangaroo. And as it says above, it definitely was destined to become a holiday classic, hence it’s spot on our list.

#6 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

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A giggle and a half this film, and honestly what a bloody hoot it was. Another classic go-to Xmas watch, fun, festive, adventurous and clearly a favourite. If you enjoyed all the other vacations Clark plans for his fam, then this one will top them all. Probs not getting a play on night time tele this December, so enjoy the brashness for all it’s worth.

#5 Christmas with the Kranks

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By this stage, Tim Allen is the king of Christmas and him and Jamie-lee Curtis make for the most iconic dumb-founded Christmas duo. I’ll never forget the crushed Christmas ham, iconic fake tans, and a frozen cat all in one nice little package. The perfect holiday film, and one I’ll never stop watching every Christmas.

#4 Love Actually

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“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes”

You already knew this one was coming.

Iconic, hilarious, slightly sad, special, romantic and groovy. Love Actually features a great cast, perfectly thought out storyline, and of course the marvellous (naughty) sounds of Bill Nighy. This one is going to be around forever, I have no doubt, and it’s perfect to watch alone and cry to, (I still hate how Emma Thompson never got given that boujee AF necklace, it’s just all wrong).

#3 Home Alone (1, 2 and 3)

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“Merry Christmas you filthy animal”

Possibly the peak of Macaulay Culkin, and perfect for the kids in the most naughty and good way?

IMO good ole number two was my favourite, especially the scene where he enters this enormous goddam toy store in NYC, 10-year-old me was dying to be in that exact same place. Also which kid wouldn’t be jealous of another kid taking advantage of ALL the room service meals, my soul truly hurt as Kevin sat inside a boujee hotel room devouring multiple ice cream flavours. As you can tell a solid contender in our list and another great Christmas Classic.

#2 The Grinch

Image result for 'How the Grinch stole Christmas'

Jim Carrey playing the Grinch = one of a kind performance, iconic, talented, and undoubtedly one of the best Chrissy movies to date. And even better, it’s now on Netflix, and you best to believe I’ve already watched it all over again. The Whos and all of Whoville itself was so foolishly wicked and awesome that this one deserves its rightful place at number two.

I mean JC’s performance alone was just as iconic as the other JC everyone gets around this time of year, and for that The Grinch takes the silver.

#1 Elf

Image result for elf imdb movie

The best goddamn Christmas movie out there, and I’ll fight anyone who thinks otherwise.

Not only did I laugh watching this movie when I was ten, but I’m still laughing now. Will Ferrel casually walking from the North Pole to NYC makes no sense what so ever, as well as eating spaghetti candy for breakfast without a care in the world = iconic in my books. Such a wild, but clever movie, and one that the whole family will love.

It has a few moments which are just uber quote-able, and the lovely Zooey Deschanel is just a true heart-warmer. It’s the film that makes you just wish we could experience even one snowy Christmas here in Oz. But alas we won’t, and this film gets you as close as possible to the magic.

For now, my deers (wink wink), enjoy the Merry season ahead and be sure to watch these classics and have avo Merry Christmas (only because avocados are almost every Aussie’s weakness).

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