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Weekend Antics That Won’t Cost ‘Ya A Damn Cent

There’s nothing worse than getting to the weekend and finding that you got $8.74 (or thereabouts) in your bank account. Nothing can redeem the several, dare we say, regrettable purchases you made this week and the spontaneous hump day night out. Maybe you’re last minute saving for your trip to Bali, or a house (you go, Glen Coco!).

Either way, I’ve found you a few things to keep yourself busy when your bank account says otherwise.

Monopoly, Anyone?

Don’t ever deny that you love a cheeky weekend in playing boardgames. Whether it’s with your fam, your mates or your S.O, the competitiveness is going to go through the roof. Make sure you keep score and have forfeits for the loser to really get the rivalry going. Card games, Trivial Pursuit and Battleships are also more than welcome.

Digital Detox

Get off your phone and get back to the great outdoors. It costs nothing and will get you fit and healthy. Grab a mate and get exploring. Sydneysiders, check out these Tarzan style hikes near you for some inspo, or if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash getting out of the city at the weekend, book a getaway to achieve the ultimate ‘digital detox.’

Discover Your Inner Nigella

Why not try your hand at baking? If your Mum can master the art of banana bread, you can too, right? Dig out the ingredients from the cupboard, get a mate over, or even your new tinder flame and bake something indulgent so you can pig out whilst watching Netflix later on. Weekend means cheat day(s), remember.

Free Gigs

Free gigs are super easy to come by if you’re a city slicker. Just Google local events pages, and talk to friends. A friend of a friend may be playing at one of your fave pubs. If you’re really into your music, Sofar Sounds is a cool base for free gigs and finding new artists. Just sign up to your city and apply for tickets. If comedy is more your thing, there are heaps of free open mic nights you can get your broke arse to.

Beach Day

Get ya’ towel, sunnies and sunscreen and get down to your local – lounging around and swimming in the ocean all day is good for your health, your wallet and your tan. Persuade some mates to come down too so you can start some beach volleyball or a game of footy. Beach days can turn out to be some of the best mems, so make the most of them when the weather’s good.

Catch A Sunset (Or Sunrise)

Date night calls! You’ve got no money and you’re sick of Netflix and chilling. Pack a picnic and go to a sweet viewpoint near where you live to catch a sunset. This is perfect way to impress a new partner or even a romantic way to surprise your long term S.O. Just check the weather before you make the suggestion.

Art Gallery

If you’re a creative enthusiast, moseying round an art gallery is going make your weekend on a budget ten times better. There’s probably a new exhibition at your local gallery to check out, or even more if you’re prepared to venture further. Galleries are a perfect retreat if the weather’s acting up too, so turn Netflix off and get some culture in you.

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