We’re Leaving Earth For Good After Seeing These Creepy AF 3D Models Of Hey Arnold! So Cya

To say I’m disturbed would be an absolute understatement. I am literally not even comfortable living through my existence on Earth anymore. I’m done. The Internet has ruined me.

Miguel Vasquez is a 3D character artist and student from the States. He does renditions of characters we grew up watching and well, aside from creating them into 3D figures, brutishly poisons our innocent childhood memories with monster look-alikes.

His latest design is the cast from Hey Arnold! Here’s Arnold and Gerald Johanssen like you’ve never seen them – and frankly, never wanted to see them – before.

By tagging #creepy he’s at the very least recognising the kinda nightmares he’s breathing life into. He also did another nightmarish recreation of Nigel Thornberry. Like ‘ol Nige wasn’t a freakin’ weird ass looking guy to begin with.

I mean, sorry, but the eyes. I just…I cannot.

This requires no further commentary. I’m logging off from the Internet for good. Catchya never.

Image Source: @marvelous_mikee Instagram 

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