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Wet Weather Purchases You Won’t Regret

Winter has come and gone and this weather is but a taste of the season from hell we’ve had. So stay dry and lock in these purchases before the next wave hits.


rain coat
ASOS Wax Fisherhman Rain Mac.

Throw it back to primary school and invest in a rain coat. Stick with a neutral colour and look out for features like a brim on the hood for extra coverage.

Storm Umbrella

The Senz Storm Umbrellla.

We have all been victim to the inside out umbrella and no one wants to be the person on the sidewalk, drenched, fighting – and failing – to turn their umbrella the right way out. This storm umbrella solves this problem. It is literally your storm shield.

Rubber Shoes

Converse Rubber Sneakers.

Gumboots can work I guess, but why roll with that when you can keep your street cred. Available in 4 colours, the rubber Converse are completely waterproof – bring on the puddles (extra points for high tops).

Felt Hat

The Zulu.

Adds a chic element to your winter wear. Perfect to tuck your hair under or wear under a hood for extra coverage. Serves as a visor for your eyes when the wet weather strikes.

Waterproof Bag

MSN Bag.

Because you carry all manor of expensive technology on you, rather than tucking your laptop under your arm or trying to defend it from the rain with your umbrella, invest in a waterproof bag and consider this problem history.


Image Source: Nesling.blogspot, ASOS, Senz, Glue, Lack of Color, Rains Australia

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