‘What/If’ Is Ya New Netflix Thriller And Renée Zellweger Is A Minx As The Shady Villain

Bridget Jones has been reborn.

Renée Zellweger (aka the darrrrrling Bridget Jones) is ageing like a fine Cab Sav. The adorably awkward Ms. Jones has evolved into an incredibly saucy Anne Montgomery in Netflix’s new psychological thriller, What/If and it’s with shrieking delight that I scream Zellweger’s greatness into the Internet on this brisk AF morning.

I’m like a doting mother, only Zellweger is old enough to probably be my own mother…but that’s just a minor technicality we can ignore for a hot sec. My doting will now continue…

Zellweger plays the unapologetically fierce Anne Montgomery, a venture capitalist and motivational speaker with a clear (and saucy) motive. The ten-part series follows the tribulations of two young newlyweds (Lisa and Sean) desperately looking to save their financial predicament.

Just as she’s about to lose hope, Montgomery offers to invest in Lisa’s bio-tech start up, Emigen for one simple favour…a night with Lisa’s husband. The ultimatum is only the beginning of a tumultuous storyline that seamlessly explores morality, power and free will. Each of the characters bear some shady pasts which make for a thrillingly addictive and dynamic plot.

Ooooh you’re hooked now, aren’t you?

Zellweger as a fierce and alluring villain is everything I want to see in a psychological thriller –especially when I can subtly feed my Bridget Jones nostalgia. But please, don’t expect a sweet Jones/Mr Darcy ending…

What/If is not the heart-warming kinda Netflix binge.

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