What The Partial Lunar Eclipse Means And Why Life’s About To Get A Shake Up

July 16 was a full ‘buck’ moon and partial lunar eclipse. Now, I’m not going to pretend I know what these astrological terms mean because for all I know they could signal a meteorite heading straight for Earth. Thankfully, they don’t. But they do indicate a kind of disturbance is well on its way – a meteorite here to interrupt everything you’re comfortable with, if you will.

Full Buck Moon

According to astrological experts (open to interpretation), July’s full moon is call a ‘buck moon’, or ‘thunder moon’. Traditionally, and according to Native American tribes, this buck moon emerged at a time when a male deer’s antlers were in full growth. Okay, bear with me. 

The Lunar Eclipse

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon and Earth align in a way that the Earth’s shadow casts over the face of the moon. A partial eclipse occurs when this happens just slightly, or when the Earth’s shadow casts only partly over the moon. Okay, you’re doing great. 

July 16 was particularly special, and slightly unsettling, because the partial lunar eclipse occurred in Capricorn. During this eclipse, the sun and the moon are in opposite signs, and the tension is thought to trigger some havoc in our personal lives. Sheesh, I could’ve settled for anything other than havoc. Added creativity? Increased ambition? Anything.   

What Does This All Mean?

Essentially, you can expect a little shake up. If you aren’t prepared for a disturbance, try to find comfort in that this added havoc will allow you to let go of any restrictions that are holding you back – even the ones you’re not quite aware of.

The partial lunar eclipse with the moon in Capricorn quite literally means you can start questioning any unhelpful emotional patterns that are holding you back. Confront the things you’ve been meaning to change in your life and run the heck towards them with a fiery torch – set yourself free.

Sources: Unsplash, Giphy. 

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