What To Gift The Mate That Has Everything

You know the one, that friend who has cycles gadgets faster than Tony Stark himself. A collector of possessions, this pal doesn’t need another pair of socks, a novelty cup or another slogan tee. It would go straight to the pool room and be used no further. So instead of adding to their own personal landfill why not gift an experience to remember. We’ve rounded up a stellar list of unique options for that friend that has everything. Go on up your gift game.

 An unlimited gigs pass

For a gift that keeps on giving, why not a pass to endless gigs? GiggedIn is your golden ticket. It’s a monthly membership where you get access to a smorgasboard of gigs and festivals, that you can attend in unlimited fashion if you so desire. Buy a taster or a whole 12 months, depending how generous you feel. If you grab the double pass they’ll get to take a mate along to each and every one, fingers crossed it’s you.

Speak in a new tongue

We all see we want to do it but fail to do anything about it. Give your pal the gift of being bilingual, or at least set them on the right path. If their DuoLingo app just isn’t cutting it, why not buy a beginners pack of lessons in person. Speaking it face to face and meeting other newbies is a fast track to lingual success. Depending on the dialect head to Sydney Community College or Lyceum in Melbourne.

Put a little relaxation on the menu

If the Bachelor is constantly referenced as the pinnacle of romance, treat that Bachie obsessee in your life to a chocolate massage. Just as Richie and Alex found themselves submerged in a bathtub full of chocolate, your pal can experience the sweet indulgence for themselves. Willy Wonka meets masseuse.  Short of giving them a rose, you’ve be giving them the best gift they’ve ever received. Osher commentary not included, unfortunately.

Test drive a drone

For the techie, take to the skies with the new piloted camera taking the world by storm. They’ll get to weave the skies on their command and capture stunning aerial shots, learning the ropes as they go. All the while gaining a little experience to see if they’ll be purchasing their own come next pay check. It’s exxy, but if their looking to invest it’s worth a trial run.

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Book a mystery WotIf

For the man of mystery or the discerning traveller, this is spontaneity packaged. Jump on to WotIf and search your region of choice then take the plunge. You can see the facilities and the locale of your to be announced accommodation, but in taking away the name brand you get a cheaper price too. It’s exhilarating without any discomfort. Tell your friend to pack their bags and await their surprise.

Play an odd sport

A team jersey or sports equipment is elementary compared to a real life slice of action. Put your backyard cricket bat to the side and take the troublesome giftee on a game to remember. Melbournites can enjoy a putt in amongst the city scape, where novelty shirts are highly encouraged. Urban golf is just the ticket. For Sydneysiders why not take to the ocean, no it’s not another jet boat ride. Stand up paddle boarding meets netball and lacrosse at Manly Kayak Centre, is a option with plenty of whimsy.

Be weightless

A craze encouraging a little out of body tranquillity, take them floating. The float centre offers bathing in a tank full of lightness inducing salt and a total darkness. It’s great for those too fidgety to meditate and those unafraid of a little stillness in the pitch black. It’s great for recovery and health but truly it’s an experience to remember. Hit up Gravity Float in Melbourne or Float Centre in Sydney to dive into your own pod.

A stress reliever 

For the aggro in your life or perhaps just the corporate stresshead. It’s one big stress ball. The Break Room let’s you do just as the name suggests – break everything. Smash more plates than a Greek wedding, tear the room apart and hammer away at whatever you please. It may sound like the video clip to accompany a heavy metal track, but it’s actually incredible fun.

Learn to cook a different cuisine

Burnt toast and pasta hugging the pots isn’t as much of a delicacy as you may think. Even the most novice of cook can appreciate a cooking class. Bypass the usual cuisines for a dish to remember whether it’s crafting Moroccan or making Bacon from scratch at Gerwurzhaus. Their housemates are sure to be impressed.

When it comes to notoriously hard to buy for pals, give the gift of live music. GiggedIn is your ticket to Christmas success. Enter the coupon code 5WHY at the checkout and they’ll never miss a stellar live act again. For $45 your first month, you can buy them a double pass, and if you play your cards right they may even take you. That’s $20 off the price for unlimited gigs. Worth every penny. Head to GiggedIn to gift a membership.

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Image source: Life Without Andy, Sky Pirate, Weekend Notes.

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