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What To Stream While You’re Waiting For The Next Season

A binge watching session is all too satisfying, until you find yourself with months until the next instalment. By this time you’re deeply invested in the characters and waiting patiently is no easy task. For the cult shows, don’t waste away your off season months in sadness, here’s what to stream while you wait. From sci-fi alternatives, fantasy wonder worlds, legal dramas a plenty and a lot of laughs.

If you laughed hysterically at Master of None

Aziz Ansari’s self deprecating comedy won you over? Well Season 2 debuts today on Netflix anyways! But if you want to wait a little before you get stuck back in, we got you covered.

Love on Netflix

Judd Apatow’s Neflix Original series is a charming venture that challenges the usual tropes of a comedy by the famous director. The characters are both irritatingly loveable and wonderfully dysfunctional, just like Dev in Master of None. A match made in not so much heaven.

If you’re deeply attached to Game of Thrones  

Waiting for winter to hit Kings Landing and Daenerys and Jon Snow to finally cross paths? Here’s something to tide you over before Season 7 hits screens.

Vikings on SBS

A historical drama following the adventures of past warriors, it’s all action and violent confrontation just like GOT. Plenty of strong female characters too, in line with Daenerys, the Red Woman, Arya Stark and Cersei, will have you captivated. Sure there’s less nudity but that leaves more room for battle scenes and whirling religious storylines. You may even like it better.

Peaky Blinders on Netflix

If its the rough streets of Westeros you miss the most, then Peaky Blinders will the Kings Landing shaped whole in your heart. The gangster drama set in post-war Britain, the 1920’s costumes and newsboy caps will have you in a tizz. There’s three seasons to indulge in, plus the accents of course.

DaVinci’s Demons on Foxtel Play

A fictional tale based on iconic historical figures, with just enough fantasy intertwined. There’s religious turmoil, inventions abound, feats of engineering and a cult too. You’ll recognise the medieval setting from your Westeros viewing, but this setting is distinctly Roman in flavour.

If you fell into the upside down with Stranger Things

Waiting desperately to find out what happened to Barb? Or maybe your fix for kinetic wonder Eleven hasn’t been reached. Here’s an alternative or three while you wait for the nostalgic wonder to return.

Westworld on Foxtel Play

The drip feeding nature of plot reveals in Stranger Things is upheld here in this mind bending drama. If confusion is what you’re after this show has it in spades. Prepare to have your mind boggled.

Wayward Pines on Foxtel Play

Both inspired by cult classic Twin Peaks, these two shows bring sci-fi to life in a quaint setting with the ideal measure of unfathomable happenings. Both mystic, paranormal and wonderfully constructed for binge watching.

Misfits on Netflix

A superhero meets supernatural thriller, this British comedy will win you over with it’s gritty charm. A storm strikes this literal bunch of misfits and subsequent seasons follows the teens as they deal with a world full of powers. If Stranger Things had been in a different era, perhaps this is what the cool kids would’ve looked like.

If you were engrossed by Making A Murderer

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey’s real life troubles not enough to keep your satisfied in lieu of Season 2? Here’s a handful of true crime docos to keep you on the edge of the couch.

The Imposter on Neflix

Odd doesn’t even begin to cover it. Following the tale of a French scam artist who pretends to be the long lost kidnapped child of a Texan family. A story of intense lies and unbelievable deceit, you’ll be wrapped.

The Jinx on Presto

It’s hard to explain this one without giving it all away, but mark my words you’ll fall down the rabbit hole. A doco that masters criminal recreations without the bad acting and stilted movements we’re all used to.

The Cheshire Murders on Youtube

Not for the faint hearted or queasy, this documentary covers the awfully brutal home invasion story of The Cheshires. Out of the family of four, only the father survives opening him up to a world of unanswered questions. If you’re in the mood to question the justice system once again, this one’s for you.

If you considered a move into law after watching Suits

Legal drama withdrawals? If you’re missing your weekly does of Harvey and Mike, then these are excellent supplements in the meantime.

Billions on Stan

Drama and captivating storylines what you love about Suits? Then this is just the ticket. Hedge fund head verses law and order and boy is it one riveting game of cat and mouse. The dialogue is excellently written too.

The Good Wife on Netflix

If you haven’t indulged in the legal drama then you definitely need to dive in. Don’t be off put by the titular character, Alicia Florrick is so much more than her first season persona. And if seven seasons isn’t enough, there’s a spinoff show in the works.

White Collar on Netflix

Matching suits in it’s hyped dramification, White Collar is all one liners and lawyered hot shots. The protagonists  entanglement with the FBI will have you feeling reminiscent of Mike’s journey to behind bars. Just what you need to get you by til January.

If you’re a startup fanatic thanks to Silicon Valley

Incubating not an option? These comedies will have you fresh and ready to watch the next season of Silicon Valley en masse.

Party Down on Stan

A show about struggling actors working for a posh LA catering company, is especially unique in it’s setting and humour. This show isn’t super related to the premise of Silicon Valley, but Martin Starr fan’s will be highly satisfied.

Betas on Amazon Prime

Another tech show about the famous valley in San Fran, but Betas is wildly smart. The environment feels less stifling more Apple – esque, the characters more likeable and the show familiar but unique. Silicon Valley fans rejoice.

Halt and Catch Fire on Presto

A period drama about the Silicon Prairie of Texas in the 80’s, what it lacks up for in humour it makes up for in captivating plot lines. A dramatic portrayal bound to have you hooked.

Broad City on Stan

This show is a bundle of laughter and awfully awkward humour, the girls will have you screaming YAAS in no time. The ladies while New York based like Dev and both artfully terrible at dealing with life just like Dev, the humour is louder and less deadpan. A time capsule of the millennial psyche in years to come.

Fleabag on Amazon Prime

A tale making light of the sadder side of life, Fleabag focuses on the trials of a young female Londoner. Just like Dev’s somewhat depressing take on matters at hand and restrained brand of comedy, Fleabag relies on the reality of it all to provide the humour.

If you love How To Get Away With Murder

A twist and turn down an immense maze of awful lies and horrible crimes. That’s what you love about How To Get Away With Murder and these options are just as immersive.

11.22.63 on Stan

With James Franco, time travelling and a little bit of historical drama thrown in, you’ll find yourself knee deep in this mystery. Unravel the crime at hand and enjoy the sharp bends in the plot along the way, with Franco as your guide of course.

The Path on Hulu

A tale of cult religious sect Meyerism and the intricate spiritual ladder that props it all up. With Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame acting as the curiously critical member of the cult. Decisive direction and embedded plot twists that pop up and overwhelm you. Just how How To Get Away With Murder does it so brilliantly too.

Designated Survivor on Netflix

Kiefer Sutherland stands at the helm of this political drama, sees Home Secretary elevated to president after a mass cabinet attack. Just like Annalise’s world teeters on the edge of chao, the newly minted president struggles to adapt to his newfound power and responsibility. Sutherland plays an immaculate bespectacled character too.

Image source: SciFi Now.

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