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What To Wear To An Engagement Party

The Bride-To-Be won’t be the only stressed one when it comes to engagement party attire.

Spring is the season for events. Rental services, tailors and suit sellers thrive off this time of year. So you’ve been invited to a good friends suave engagement and you have no idea what to wear, no problem we’ve got the solutions for you.

The first step to planning any outfit for any occasion is to check and understand the dress code. Many couples are veering away from the traditional cocktail-style dinners opting for Sunday high teas and casual drinks at the local pub. Be sure to read the invitation closely or ask your host if you are not sure, this will ensure you are dressed accordingly. Beware of inventive dress codes such as beach casual, bohemian black tie and other hybrids, they can be tricky to navigate. Think to what the host would wear if they weren’t the centre of attention and go from there.


As an engagement party guest you want to make sure you look as happy as you feel for the couple getting married which all starts from picking a confident outfit.

Vibrant Dress

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A cocktail knee-length dress with heels is a great starting point just ensure you steer away from the colour white as the Bride-To-Be very well could be wearing this colour.

Black is back

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Black is a classic choice but to make sure your outfit is fun rather than business, dress it up with funky accessories or bright heels.

Long legs

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If dresses are not your thing there are some gorgeous jumpsuits on trend this season. Whether it’s a bold geometric print or a soft stripe, patterns add edge to any engagement outfit.


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Do not underestimate the power of soft linens and silky crepes; the texture of your garment will scream sophisticated, and a little extra class.


The classic

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A classic blazer and tie is a no brainer however there are some really cool and fresh takes on the ol’ classic suit.

A cheeky bow tie

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Pair up crisp white shirts with a polka dot bow tie and complete the look with white high top sneakers for a day gig and transfer this look into the evening by trading the sneakers for lace up brogues and throwing on a blazer.

In – vest

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The solo vest is making a come back too, play around with this look by matching black slacks with a floral button up completing the look with a double breasted skinny fit vest. Wear this look open or buttoned up depending on the dress code of the event.

Lighten up

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Bored of that old suit and tie? Step out of your black and white routine and into a slick pastel option. If you’re not adventurous a pale blue or grey when tailored looks immaculate. Depending on the formality you can ditch the tie all together, bliss.

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