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What You’ll Learn From Dating The Same Star Sign As You

If you’re a believer of astrology and starsigns, you’ll resonate a lot to what yours has to say about you. You probably also jump on your nearest astrology site as soon as you meet a new potential S.O. to see how you’re relationship is going to turn out. When you discover you share a star sign, there’s a lot you’ll learn about that.

One Of Us Is Enough

Depending on your star sign, you can be a lot to handle. Say you’re a leo, for example: known for being proud, attention-seeking and a bit superficial. Leos are full of energy and two of them can be an ego overload. You’re not only mirroring your good traits, but the bad ones too. It’s possible you’ll both get in each other’s way and on each other’s nerves. Dating someone of the same star sign mean you may have to do a lot of pushing and shoving to find out how to manage each other. Personal space is a huge help to this. On the contrary, you may find more enjoyment with someone of the same star sign because…

You’ve Got A Lot In Common

A hell of a lot. Same lifestyles, same values and same outlook on life. Double the star sign may mean you both see the world in the same way and experience it similarly. This can be a real positive as you’ll both be supportive towards each other whilst feeling similar things. You’ll probably bond over personality traits you both have.

If You Can’t Love Yourself, How Can You Love Someone Else

Dating someone of the same zodiac sign can be a real push out of your comfort zone. An S.O. mirrored traits means you’ll probably have to face the traits you yourself hate. That trait may be bad communication or overagressiveness, and it’ll be your biggest challenge to confront them. Coming face to face with your personality-based insecurities due to your partner will be a negative and positive experience. At first, daunting, conflicting and perhaps a bit fiery, but confronting it will allow for peace with traits you know you dislike but have no control of.

It’s A Huge Growing Experience

Sure, you might know a hell of a lot about yourself already. Dating someone with the same astrological sign may have the potential to open up more of your personality and allow it to bloom further. As you both share traits, you can both feel comfortable with each other and your personalities. Growth will happen between you two when you work together and completely trust and support one another.

You Could Be Polar Opposites

As everyone is different, you may find that your partner of the same star sign might be a complete opposite of you. Sure, you might share an astrological period but you could be on total opposites of the spectrum. After all, no one human is the same. Perhaps this means you can spend a whole lot of time determining the similarities and differences between you two.

At the end of the day, your amount of learning by dating the same zodiac sign can completely vary depending on what sign you both are. How you learn and grow in a relationship is all about trust, honesty and communication, so always be open with your partner! You might just come across some amazing things in common.

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