What Your Fave Body Of Water Says About Your Personality

There’s a thread floating around Twitter that’s exposing all of our truths. And it’s based on your childhood obsession over certain bodies of water.

Megan Maile Green (@MeganMaileGreen) started this thread as a joke targeting the “extremely east coast thing” (as in, US coasts) of feeling nostalgia for the beach. But she didn’t stop there – she went on to expose every kind of reminiscing water-love we have.

This woman has looked deep into my soul to deliver a scarily relatable and revealing psychoanalysis.

Maybe you’re a fan of lakes, or you love rivers, or that pond your parents built in your backyard. Whatever your preference, there’s an analysis for you.


Though she applies this one to east coast Americans, I don’t think of anyone from the east coast of Australia who doesn’t froth the beach. Literally, any other body of water is inferior to their beloved swells and golden sands. This goes for people living right on the water and those who have to drive (even just a little bit) to dip their toes in the Pacific Ocean.


The only people who actually understand rivers are those who grew up surrounded by them. If you went kayaking during camp, like, once, yeah you can love them, but you can never really know them. Ya feel?


This may be a personal attack on anyone who’s gone skiing, fishing, canoeing, or paddleboarding (or whatever you do on a flat, still body of water) in a dam too.




You may not have ever swam in one, but if you have a thing for cascading walls of water:

I reckon it also counts if you have a waterfall as the background for your computer, phone, or any other electronic device. Yeah, I’m talking to you, too.

Ponds (or that koi thing in your backyard)

You know those dark corners of your backyard, surrounded by big leafy greens and dotted with big beige boulders and itty bitty pebbles? If you loved staring at (or traumatising) the little critters going about their day (for one, you’re a monster) this one’s for you.

Fjords (okay?)

You’re a white-collar kid. That’s it.

The pool

And I oop-

“Your” local swimming hole

This one may cross-over with the others, but it’s also particularly true for the country kids. Yeah, if you had and adored “your” swimming hole, you probably grew up in a small town. Megan reckons you loved it and the “crew” you grew up with. But you’re “just a little bit different from everyone around here”.

But if you just *really* love *all* water

Raise your hand if you’ve been personally victimised by this thread.

Welp, I’m just going to sit over here and have an existential crisis.


Images: GIPHY, Unsplash

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