What Your Keep Cup Says About You

Keep cups have well and truly taken off. If you haven’t got one I strongly advise you to get one or else I can almost guarantee you’ll be side-eyed by fellow cafe goers as you await your double shot, extra froth, mildly hot, almond milk latte in *gasp*… a PAPER cup.

Initially, they were the go-to statement accessory for any girl who simply wanted to cart around her coffee in a cuter cup. They were the prettier, more Instagrammable version of those old school Thermos cups that are now lodged deep inside almost every Australian household’s Tupperware drawer. Gone but never forgotten.

As the unnecessary use of paper fast becomes a thing of the past, keep cups are now every coffee lover’s staple item. Whether you’ve opted for the authentic and timeless Keep Cup itself, or you’ve chosen the extra AF overpriced version, your choice of on-the-go coffee transportation device really says a lot about you.

Extra AF

‘Scuse the French, but this type of coffee-goer is a real ‘stick with the crowd’ type. This girl has opted for the stainless steel keep cup with all the totally unnecessary trimmings such as a built in pay-as-you-go device?! Holy cow this is getting ridiculous. As she awaits her cashew milk/coconut infused chai latte she quickly dashes past the till because she’s already paid with her stupid chip thingy. We bet she’s got a yoga class to get to and an Insta story to shamelessly update.

No Fuss, No Frills

You’re really only here for one thing and one thing only: practical and sensible coffee transportation. This is the no-frills edition of the trusty keep cup. It’s all plastic and it’s definitely lacking in colour coordination. Who decided to pair the canary yellow with electric blue and what is that? Marmalade orange? Sinful. You like to keep things super simple and your preferred drink of choice is a straight up long black, no extras.

Artsy (Probably Vegan)

Ok, so if the statement of a keep cup wasn’t enough to signal you’re a tree-hugging Earth child as it is. If you’re carrying around one of these bad boys you want the world to know that plastic is totally old school. You’re a step above the classic keep cup user because this one avoids use of both paper and plastic. You like things a little boujee and prefer the handblown glass over regular glass (because there is a difference ok).

Humanities Student (Shops at Tree of Life)

There’s no denying that this version of the keep cup screams social science major. The boho-chic design is a revolutionary step above your average keep cup and the hippy-inspired pattern brings a way cuter, more grounded vibe. If this is your go-to keep cup, you’re a strong advocate for ‘eco-friendly doesn’t have to be ugly’ and you most likely wear double-strapped birks.


Image Source: Frank Green Instagram, Keep Cup Instagram, Superpharmacy Webpage, Ecocoffee Cup Facebook, Think Cups Facebook

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