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TripAdvisor Knows Just When To Book Your Winter Escape To Save Serious Cash

Us Aussies we’re really not built for the blistering breeze or sunless days, so it’s no surprise the winter months sees a mass exodus. From snow bunny adventurers darting out to an even colder setting to the euro-trippers departing in search of sun. But if you’re wondering just when to book your vacay, fear not you haven’t missed the boat or rather the plane. TripAdvisor have let us in on a tip or two to nabbing a bed to rest your weary head for less. No excuses, get booking and be one of those sun kissed people bragging about the overseas debauchery come August.

The data is based on travel from between June-August, so pending your avoidance of school holiday madness and your boss’ willingness to approve your leave you’re all set.

“Bargain hunters know that timing is crucial when it comes to booking the lowest hotel prices…TripAdvisor data shows that travellers can often find the best prices on hotels months in advance, with a booking sweet spot typically within 3 months of their trip.” said Brooke Ferencsik, senior director of communications for TripAdvisor.

And when there’s up to 35% in savings to reap, doing your homework certainly doesn’t sound so bad. Pack the sunscreen and get planning.


Book within 6 months for 19% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $63/night  


Book 3-9 months out for 33% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $199/night 


Book 2-3 months out for 17% savings 

§  Average hotel rate: $102/night 


Book 4-8 months out for 10% savings   

§  Average hotel rate: $104/night 


 Book 3-5 months out for 35% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $94/night  


Book within 6 months for 24% savings 

§  Average hotel rate: $158/night 


Book 3-7 months out for 17% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $133/night 

Hong Kong

Book within 5 months for 23% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $107/night 


Book within 6 months for 22% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $50/night  


Book within 7 months for 18% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $278/night 


Book 4-8 months out for 14% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $183/night 


Book 5-8 months out for 12% savings (travellers yet to book can consistently find rates below the average within 8 months with an opportunity for deeper savings within a month of their trip)

§  Average hotel rate: $264/night 


Book within 3 months for 24% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $73/night  


Book within 2 months to save up to 23%

§  Average hotel rate: $188/night 


Book 3-7 months out with 24% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $97/night  


Book 4-8 months out to save 21% on hotels 

§  Average hotel rate: $125/night 


 Book 6-7 months out for 18% savings (travellers yet to book can consistently find rates below the average within 8 months)

§  Average hotel rate: $215/night 


 Book 4-7 months out for 18% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $139/night 

New York City

Book within 2 months for 23% savings

§  Average hotel rate: $325/night 

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