Where To Cure Your Hangover In Perth

The silly season can end up being one big champagne buzzed blur. A series of casual drinks leading to evening adventures and straight onto next morning headaches. And that’s before you toss the need to get quietly inebriated in order to survive any family Christmas event. But for the remedy to your sore head, we have the answer. Here’s a guide to where you can cure your hangover in Perth, so you can turnaround and do it all again the next day.

Eat a delish brekky

This one will have to be a New Year visit, as it doesn’t open til early Jan 2017, but oh boy will it be good when it does. Indulge in a whole host of upscaled cereal bowls or for the more savoury minded a smorgasbord of baguettes. Hit up West End Deli and Cereal Bar and you’re headache is sure to lessen it’s grip.

Soak it up at a secluded beach

The last thing you need when facing a dusty morning is someone crowding your prime real estate on the sand. Out stretch and claim your spot on a lesser known sandy option. Bailey’s Beach near Mettam’s Pool is our pick. It’s so secret we couldn’t find a snap of it.

Brunch it up

Eat all the things. And what better time to gorge yourself than way past wakeup time. Ditch the alarm and roll out of bed and into a world of delicious eats. Roasting Warehouse Fremantle is a solid all-day brekky option to refuel your ravaged body. And a double shot on the side pls. Sunglasses compulsory.

Try a clinical remedy

Think you’ll never recover from your debauchery? It’s time to call in the professionals. The Hangover Clinic is your supercharged way to relieve that ill feeling quick smart. Pumping you full of the good stuff you’ll be feeling revitalised in no time.

Fix yourself with noodle soup

Mama knows best and in this case she knows just what noodle soup does for the soul. Filling your belly and steaming your way to better days, a bowl of ramen is just what the doctor ordered. Lucky Chan’s in Northbridge is our pick of the bunch. The decor will have you feeling miles away from last night’s regrets.

Indulge in gelato whipped up from scratch

Turning the raw ingredients into frozen delights in front of your eyes, Whisk Creamery is all about fine desert. Head for a classic vanilla, a wild Taiyaki served in a doughy fish or wrap your hands around an ice cream sandwich. Hot days and heavy heads call for a sugar rush.

Devour the catch of the day and then some

When you’re feeling dusty you need market fresh to ease your queasiness. Fisch on Broadway is about as fresh as it gets, save reeling it in yourself. Don’t stop at the fish and chips, load up with a platter offering and pick away at it in the sun.

Float away from last night’s mistakes

If tranquility is what you need shut out all other distractions and float away. Beyond Rest is the ultimate way to lift your spirits with a little alone time in a pod all your own. You’ll be reset and read to whine up again in no time.

Sweat it out on the water

When the gym just doesn’t sound appealing but the benefits of a little sweat session almost have you convinced, set sail. Boating isn’t ideal for any left over queasiness so why not steer your own way. Stand up paddle boarding with Elemental is the best of both worlds. For the more adventurous there’s a yoga session on board, if you’ve already mastered the mere paddle.

Keep drinking 

All these suggestions are well and good but let’s be real. You’ll be back to your shot downing, dancing in the early morning ways as soon as the next invitation pops up. So if you’re going to keep on powering through the silly season look no further than a ice cold frose. The drink of the summer meets one of the hottest new bars to hit the westside, The Emerson Bar. Head to the rooftop and kickstart your next adventure with poise.

Image source: Over Your Head, Red Bubble, Urban Walkabout, Elemental Surf Shop, Urban List.

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