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Where To Get The Best Vegan Desserts In Melbourne

Melbourne prides itself on its diverse range of delicacies that accomodate pretty much any dietary requirement you can think of. This of course includes the growing veganism movement.

If you are vegan and living in Melbourne, get keen because this definitive guide to finding the best of our city’s desserts, (that don’t harm animals or the environment) is going to rock your world.

Girls And Boys Fitzroy

This place takes dessert to a whole new level with food that not only tastes beautiful, but looks it too. Located right next to Brunswick street’s famous Vegie Bar, why not grab dinner and dessert in one hit?

You will be absolutely spoiled for choice with a range of dairy-free soft serve flavours and even gelato sandwiches made with vegan donuts or croissants.

With so many unique and delicious options to choose from, Girls And Boys Fitzroy will no doubt leave you salivating for days after enjoying your cruelty-free treat.

Coco Mama’s Juices

This takeaway juice bar has everything any vegan could possibly want and more.

Though cold-pressed juices are an obvious specialty of Coco Mama’s, don’t even think of visiting without grabbing yourself a raw vegan dessert.

The sky’s the limit here, with dessert even being a viable breakfast option thanks to the bar’s specialty choconana bowls and choc mint smoothies.

Do yourself a favour and get to this place asap, you won’t be disappointed.

Curators Collective

This Moonee Ponds vegan-accomodating eatery boasts delicious treats including double choc cakes and banana and butterscotch cakes.

If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your vegan latte, look no further.

Curators Collective also have a range of delicious food to stuff your face with if gluten is also on the no-go list.

This place will absolutely put a smile on your face, not to mention be the envy of all your mates when you share a picture of your dessert on insta.

Elena’s Cakes & Sweets

Now this lady knows how to cook up a storm.

Brownies, icing-topped cupcakes, heck why not just get an entire cake! If you’re in desperate need to treat yourself, Elena is just the lady you need in your life.

You will find some of her treats currently stocked at Two Cats Espresso Bar, but can also order them directly through her if you’re wanting to throw a vegan party or if you just really want to buy anything and everything that’s delicious and vegan.

Honestly, any excuse to eat Elena’s vegan desserts sound good to us.

Mister Nice Guys Bakeshop

Rainbow frosted cupcakes, glazed donuts, rainbow waffles, freak shakes! Now if that doesn’t get you excited about eating vegan desserts, we don’t know what will.

This is the place you take your friends when trying to persuade them to go vegan. In fact this vegan bakeshop is so accomodating to dietary requirements, that they even take care of your gluten free pals too.

If heaven on earth exists, we’re almost certain that it would occur in Mister Nice Guys Bakeshop.

So there you have it, the guide you didn’t know you needed to doing dessert ethically in Melbourne.

Make sure to check out these delicious eateries on Instagram and in real life if you’re hungry for some more jaw-dropping vegan food porn.

Image source: Coco Mama’s

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