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Where To Go For A Cute Queensland Get Away This Autumn

Who would ever want to deny the chance to get away from responsibility, even for as little as a weekend? Correct, nobody. Often, we get ourselves in a little holiday rut and find ourselves progressing to the same spots we moseyed to five months ago. However, when we’re all out of ideas about where to spend our valuable time, sometimes it helps to think outside the box a little. Big cities have a lot to do, however if you already live within one this can be a no-go. So why not get amongst the leafy hinterlands, beaches and secluded nooks of the Sunshine State?


This little spot in the Queensland hinterlands is perfect for an escape. If you froth over greenery and fresh air, Maleny is the place that delivers the goods. Did we mention it’s also completely adorable? Sure, there’s no denying that this town is a little on the small side, but don’t let it deter you. Despite the overall sleepy nature displayed, there are still activities to partake in. From cliff-side botanic gardens to national parks to waterfalls, this is the place to go with mates to unwind.


This destination is about 17 minutes from Maleny, but is said to be a little culture hub. Montville is where you can go to blow your cash on an array of shops. There are galleries filled with art, for those who are self-proclaimed art buffs and restaurants by the dozen. It’s safe to say that you could spend hours strolling along the streets, jumping from vender to vender. And maybe, even have a sneaky wine or two once you’re done for the day.

Hamilton Island

This island (of the 74 that there are), off the Northern Queensland coast is pretty much the equivalent of being at an overseas beach. The water is so clear that you’ll think you’re in Fiji. You can take your pick of activities that can range from sea-kayaking, helicopter rides and having breakfast with Koalas (there’s more fun where that came from.) If that wasn’t enough to sway you, you’ll get to make your way around the island in a golf buggy (they’re the main mode of transport.)

Bunya Mountains

Pack your bags and take a trip to the Bunyas. Here, there are a community of holiday houses that range in different sizes that are perfect for renting out with a bunch of friends. You can go on bush walks, float about in the local lakes and feed a rainbow lorikeet or two. The view is also killer.


If catching a tan and showing off your beach bod is more your thing, you could head to Noosa, where the chilled beach vibes are prominent. Here you’ll find boutique shops, great places for an afternoon bevvy or two, rainforests and of course, pristine beaches. If you’re wanting to avoid the beach crowds that Noosa brings forth, there are plenty of little beaches that are off the beaten track.


Image source: Visit Sunshine Coast, Tourismwitsundays, Bunyamountains and Visit Noosa

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