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10 Things I Hate About You Is Just A Beautiful Display Of 90s Fashion Fads We Wish Were Still A Thing

More buttoned-up cardies thx.

It’s been a whole two decades since this heart wrenchingly beautiful moment. When the deadpan, emotionless, bad-girl facade of Katarina Stratford came crashing down in a chilling gesture of poetic beauty. It’s a timeless piece in cinematic history that much like a fine wine, gets better with age.

But with some 20 years standing between now and the release of 10 Things I Hate About You, we can now look back on the evolution of fashion that was with an insightful eye. We’ve come a long way from the black, low-rise jean pants and neon coloured half-sleeve crop tops. Whilst at times we learned from our mistakes and pledged never to return to some fads, we also did a few 180 degree turns back into fads like scrunchies and mom jeans.

It’s been a wild ride, with some regrettable trends of course, yet I still whole heartedly believe that as much as 10 Things I Hate About You was an unprecedented insight into love in the most loveless looking individuals, it is also a showcase of the 90s’ best fashion fads.

Some were tragic, but all were legendary. And one or two have even re-surfaced since. Let’s delve.

Side Strands

There’s a subtle elegance that lies in the side strand obsession we had in the 90s. Not quite a front fringe, not quite a side fringe but finding a fashionable middle ground somewhere between the two. Made infinitely more spectacular with an up-do (clips optional).

Blue Camouflage

I am somewhat astounded to say that the blue camouflage has actually made a comeback. It’s back with a vengeance on the festival scene and you won’t get far beyond an entry gate without spotting blue camo on an overly slim, equally as wild festival-goer. I’m rooting for this blue camo come back allll the way. ‘Ya saw it on your girl Kat first, kids.

Beaded Cardigans

This ensemble is nothing short of a textile masterpiece. Ever thought of buttoning up your cardigan? Probably not. Ever thought of buttoning just the top one? Again probably not. Kat Stratford defies the fashion thinkings of us ordinary folk. She thinks beyond the norm.

I also spot velvet blue pants and matching cardigan beads…legendary.


Crochet isn’t quite the one time wonder as much as the single-buttoned cardigan was. The wonders of interwoven yarn have featured heavily throughout the years, in the form of bikinis through to skirts and regular tops. But we’ve never seen it emerge in this over-the-shirt cropped vest form. Mandella sported this look with understated boho charm. Oh crochet, please live on forever.

Wild Button Ups

It’s one for the boys. I mean you just look at some of the sheer buttoned (an un-buttoned) gems in this film that all the guys pull out, and it’s a true fact that fashion goes in cycles. I mean you wouldn’t be surprised to see some 21-year old arts-business student be rocking JGL’s green-on-brown combo at a festival would you? Iconic.

Slip Dresses & Tight AF Up Dos

Kat babe, this outfit is on hella point. Slip dresses have certainly made a strong reappearance, featuring in pretty much any twenty-something year old girl’s summer wardrobe. But we’re hardly ever treated to the legendary pairing of a slip dress with a tight, hairspray drenched up-do featuring many curls.

Twenty years of loving and rewatching 10 Things I Hate About You has been a true treat. The biggest treat, of course, watching back at 90s outfits only ever wearable in the 90s. Priceless.

Image Source: 10 Things I Hate About You IMDb, Giphy. 

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