Why Adelaide Is The New Aussie Hot Spot

Over the years, the Eastern Seaboard of Australia has long been the hot spot for both Aussie travellers and tourists from overseas. And lets be honest, you know what you get.

Go to Sydney for the harbour, Melbourne for the coffee + culture and Brisbane/Gold Coast for the waves and beaches. But it’s Adelaide that is Australia’s new favourite son.

With massive booms in international tourists plus continuing domestic travellers, you may have heard the South Australian city come up in the group convo lately as a weekend destination. When so often it was just a matter of deciding between Sydney or Melbourne.

“Isn’t that the city of churches though?” I hear you quiver. Oh boy, it’s so much more and this is why.

Vintage & Clothing Delights


Seriously though, wow. The amount of vintage, small and niche clothing stores you will find in the SA capital is amazing. But what is most impressive is that a lot of the guys running these stores are super passionate about the cause. The Lion The Witch Vintage for example, just off the main city centre, is co-run by the lovely Amy, and she literally hand picks all of her items from around the world. Not to mention she has a Nintendo N64 in store + a traditional 1970s walk in wardrobe, because well she just has to given the name.

If you’re a denim fiend (who isn’t these days), make sure you pay a visit to the American-themed, pinball featuring, Midwest Trader. While if you’re more into the modern minimalist vibe, visit Created Range for some chill, festival worthy wardrobe must-haves.

Killer Hidden Bars

If the light’s on we’re home. That’s literally the sign outside one of the city’s best-hidden bars, Baddog – a smoky blues and whisky bar deep into a dark alleyway. And it’s a beautiful thing you wont find in many other places across Aus. Never to feature in a tourist guide, and let’s be honest you don’t want to be a tourist anyways – you wanna be a local.

Rather than drop names of these bars, ask your friendly neighbourhood bartender for their suggestion. Bar hop on their advice and I guarantee that you’ll visit places TripAdvisor has never even heard of.

A Smart City Centre

Hello road productivity. You get the idea that Adelaide’s main city area was actually constructed by smart human beings when it comes to roads. An easy grid that makes driving a breeze, and walking even easier. With laneways on laneways to peruse as well, you’ll have plenty of exploring to do – and when you get tired of that, you know their main shopping area Rundle Mall is just a skip away.

Recommendation: the smart layout makes for perfect solo or group wandering. Put your Google Maps away and stroll through the city at your own pace. Get lost in a bunch of the little stores, cafes and boutiques along the way.

More Than Just Wineries

We all hear about Barossa Valley, but pls. The Adelaide Hills are where it’s at. And it’s hard to believe that the Hills are only a half hour cruise from the city (featuring fully scenic views, with wide open roads made for sun- drenched drives).

Most importantly, the Hills are more than just a few wineries. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty in the area to tickle your tipple – but open your mind. The Applewood distilleries at the top end of the Hills produce gin themselves, Paracombe and The Hills Cider make their own local apple + pear ciders, meanwhile Lost In A Forest at start of the Hills pairs up your wine or drink of choice with possibly the best gourmet pizza ever encountered. Plenty to keep you busy, but out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Festivals For Everyone

And just when you thought there wasn’t more to offer, the range of festivals Adelaide has to offer is quite literally off tap. Featuring your bigger staples like the Adelaide Film Festival and Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide also features a tonne of local, niche festivals.

There’s Winterfest – which includes an outdoor ice rink, a huge amount of local produce (brownies and mulled wine yes pleasssseee), and plenty of artwork to warm your soul. There’s even a Pizza festival, Moonlight Markets, a Beer & BBQ festival and of course the Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Adelaide’s booming, so don’t be that guy who’s never been. The only loss is yours – so pack that duffle and lock in a cheeky trip down south. Get some more deets from our mates at

Image Sources: Hahn, South Australia Tourism.

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