Why Droves Of Young Aussies Said Nup To The Melbourne Cup This Year

Another year of the Melbourne Cup has passed, and another winner, Cross Counter, crowned. A day which has become some what of a national holiday. Thousands of punters and influencers get into their finest attire, get drunk AF and put loads of money onto the lives of real animals. But so many still turn a blind eye to the behind the scenes.

Year after year, more people are getting on board with the idea of ending the Melbourne Cup. This year’s trending hashtag #nuptothecup is evidence that the Melbourne Cup is a dying event. While the event will bring in a whole lot of cash for jockeys, lucky punters and betting sites, the health of a horse is being pushed aside.

The Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses Australia explains that between Aug 2017 and July 2018, 119 horses died due to racing. PETA spokesperson Emily Rice said, “Outside of the Melbourne Cup, beating an animal would never be tolerated, let alone celebrated…”

Bars and pubs around Australia, including the Newtown Hotel, are also taking a stand, with some hosting  #NUPTOTHECUP events which send some of the profit to the Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses and other charities. The Newtown Hotel has been slammed as ‘anti-Australian’…nuff said.

The #nuptothecup movement reminds us that the things you are gambling away are your money, and the lives of horses. Many are enraged that hundreds of thousands of horses race on tracks every year, yet none of them get a say about it.

So next time you’re thinking of getting dressed up, getting drunk and gambling, consider the circumstances. As many have proclaimed across social media, the lives of horses are worth far more than a gamble. There’s so many other ways to celebrate, party and get fancy, not at the expenditure of a life.

Rest in Peace to Cliffsofmoher, a thoroughbred who died on the tracks this year.

Image Credit: @simson_petrol

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