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Why Interrailing Is The Best Way To Travel Europe

A Euro trip is essential in your youth and what’s better than travelling it with no little plans? Just go where the adventure takes you. Of course, basic planning is recommended, but hopping on various trains around Europe will make your trip not only cheaper, but more exciting with the prospect of visiting way more countries than you first thought. Interrail on impulse and explore the hidden gems of the continent.

With one ticket, you can travel freely Europe-wide for a period of time you choose. A ‘Global Pass‘ will get you a ticket that allows you to 30 countries, whereas a single pass or a select pass will only get you one or a few countries. It’s well worth buying the Global Pass for flexibility and saving on cash. It’ll set you back $1029 for one months continuous travel (aka you can travel every day) but the flights could potentially cost you heaps more so it’s worth it.

#1 Cheaper Than Flying

Realistically, a flight from London to Berlin could cost $150 by itself, making the price of a Eurail pass seem cheap. If you’re looking to see as much of Europe as possible, you’re probably going to be travelling to another country every 3 or 4 days for a month (or more). That works out at 10 plus flights , so you do the maths. Budget airlines are also notorious for added costs, and we’re all too familiar with Jetstar and paying extra for basic luggage. Plus, you don’t have to go through security of an airport every few days. Who’s got time for those queue’s, seriously?

#2 Flexibility

The Eurail pass gives you the best flexibility when travelling. Want an impromptu trip to the Alps? Sure, it’s not going to cost you any extra. Meet a group of awesome people and decide to join their plans? You’re not going to lose out on any bookings you may have made.

Most trains run every hour so just make your way to the station when you’re bored of your current location and find somewhere else to go. I have a friend who interrailed Europe and just took the next train available at every station which made the trip super spontaneous. It might be wise to learn a few words in some of the languages so you can ask for help if you’re stuck too..

#3 Catch The Scenic Routes

You can’t see much when you’re flying in the air, apart from clouds I guess. From the ground you’re able to catch some incredible scenery as you zoom through the European countryside. Little villages, huge mountains and a load more culture can be added to your Euro trip list when you get bored of chatting or reading on your journeys.

#4 See More Countries

With the flexibility to visit most countries around Europe, I can guarantee you’ll end up seeing more than you bargained for. Which is definitely a good thing, right? You’re bound to get way more out of your trip than if you were flying or driving around. Munich to Prague in 5 hours. Prague to Krakow in 7 hours. You can basically do a city a day. I don’t know about you but 5 hours gets you to minimal places here in Australia, so take advantage. Pair that with the huge array of cultures, amazing festivals and hidden destinations and you are getting a pretty good bang for your buck.

#5 It’s Greener

For those of you who care about this planet. CO2 emissions from taking a plane from London to Barcelona and back would emit around 300kg of CO2 per passenger. That number would only be 27kg’s when taking a train. You do the calculations and if doing your bit for global warming is important to you (and it probably should be), grab your Eurail pass quick.

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