Why It’s Okay To Still Be Single

If your love life looks anything like mine, you’ve been single for the past 12 months, had minimal interaction/luck with males/females and well, you might be at a point where you’ve lost hope, and you’re sick of being the third (or fifth) wheel. The past few months for me I have really accepted my singleness and embraced that extra space in my bed, not having to tell someone my plans and having a lot. More. Spare. Time. Not that I hold any resentment, but I once came to a realisation (whilst in a long-term relationship) I was meant to be single, given my work and study ethic and my decision to prioritise this over intimacy and affection.

Sure, coming home to someone and watching endless Netflix while binging on ALL the food is great. But in reality, every situation has their own pro’s and con’s, and each of these are unique to every situation.

You Do You, Boo

Being single means you’re not tied down to anyone. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You can move across the country to chase that career, travel overseas whenever you want and not worry about co-ordinating it with anyone else’s plans. Learning to be independent and making your own plans can be intimidating at first, but you’ll learn to take every opportunity you can, and you’ll be thankful for it.

Eye Candy

If you’re shy like me, you probably won’t ask that cute guy for their number. While there’s no harm in looking when you’re in a relationship, eye candy is even better when you’re single because you know that there’s at least some potential there for you (even if you don’t act on it). It’s like the Bachelorette, but in real life.

Shawty (Did Not) Get Low

Embracing the single life shows that you don’t lower your standards. You deserve a knight in shining armour (no, I’m not referring to a tacky plastic suit of armour *cough* Todd *cough*).  When the right guy/gal does come along, you might just change your mind about how great the single life is, and you’ll be grateful that you’re single and ready to mingle with said hottie.

Slow The F*ck Down

We live in an age where our Facebook feeds are filled with endless engagement announcements, gender reveal party invites and wedding photos. Yup. Welcome to the single life. It seems you’re drowning in all these loved-up couples posts. I constantly have the same conversation with my girlfriends, why aren’t we finding our prince charming? Reality is we’re all going to die someday (sorry), an you’re eventually going to meet someone that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, so why the hell rush into it? Keep your standards high, and work on your damn self for now.

While I’m not telling you to be celibate or break up with your current S.O, the single life definitely has some pretty sweet perks. IMO, it’s definitely the way to be for someone who is career-driven.

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