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Why Jameela Jamil Should Be Woman Of The Year

If you don’t know Jameela Jamil from her acting roles, you may have heard her name in the press recently. Not for scandals, infamy or what she wore, but for speaking her truth and the truth of young women. A self proclaimed ‘feminist-in-progress’, Jamil has been fighting against dangerous beauty standards that dominate social media and tabloids.

Current pop culture is decided by what the Kardashians, Jamil’s body positivity rivals, deem worthy. Though they bring music and fashion trends to the forefront, they also encourage unhealthy dieting and body image obsession. The Kardashians, who are keen advertisers for dietary teas and waist trainers, are exactly what Jameela Jamil is fighting so hard against.

Her battle against Kim and Khloe Kardashian has spread through the press like wildfire. Jamil’s direct comments and tweets have sparked a revolution against the danger of paid sponsorships posted by the likes of the Kardashians. The sisters are no strangers to publicising questionable  ‘skinny teas’, packed full of natural laxatives and advertised as meal replacements.

Their pockets are lined with the blood and diarrhea of teenage girls…🤑

Jamil, who battled an eating disorder herself, has made huge movements towards kickstarting a new era of body positivity, in spite of hazardous beauty standards today. Creating a secondary Instagram, titled I_Weigh, Jamil encourages the value of all women AND men dealing with unrealistic beauty standards.

While some may view Jamil’s comments towards the Kardashians as attacks — or ‘tea’ — they provide an important message for women and men of all ages who grow up under the harsh beauty expectations of today.

As a large amount of celebrities are enablers (consciously and unconsciously) for the culture of dangerous beauty standards, Jameela Jamil is one of the few who raises her voice in defiance. However, her purpose in doing so is not just to preach to her fans, but to fight against those in power who promote the status quo. It’s a rarity, in this generation, that someone of a high fame status uses their voice to stand up for those who do not have the opportunity to speak up about unrealistic beauty expectations.

Although some may be intimidated by Jameela Jamil’s natural beauty and grace, she is no stranger to posting herself filter-free. Sharing images of her stretch marks, cellulite and ‘vagina knees’, she is an incredible role model advocating for all humans to know their value.

Jameela Jamil, you deserve Woman of the Year, for being one hell of a badass boss woman. Thank you for being you.

Image Credit: Stylist Magazine UK, @I_weigh, @jameelajamilofficial 

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