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Why Lil Nas X Coming Out As Bisexual Is Such A Big Moment

Rapper Lil’ Nas X just came out as gay and it’s a really great moment to end pride on.

Rapper Lil Nas X took Twitter by storm on Monday 1 July when he announced he was gay. Following his Tweet, the flood gates were opened, and chatting about homophobia became Twitter’s top agenda that day. So this is a major moment, ending Pride Month in the US with a massive statement. This cowboy-hat-wearing rapper is absolutely tearing stereotypes to the ground. And he’s doing so at 20 years old.

Lil Nas X’s Coming Out Statement:

The US rapper took to Twitter to say, “some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure.” He ends his tweet with a rainbow flag, a symbol associated with pride.


Along with his statement came everyone who had an opinion on it. And the major thing worth noting is that people really think they know a gay person when they see one. Yet, that’s plainly just not how sexuality works. On top of that, a conversation opened on Twitter of whether or not people can still listen to his music.

Lil Nas X cut to the chase about the people who won’t support him anymore in his first tweet. He knew his coming out of the closet would lead to a loss of some fans, but that didn’t stop him. According to the lyrics of ‘c7osure’, “I want and I need to let go. Use my time to be free.” And free he is.


Why Do We Care About Lil Nas X Coming Out?

Lil Nas X tweeted Tuesday July 2, “just cause I’m gay doesn’t mean I’m not straight.”

It’s true that in this day and age, sexuality shouldn’t be a big deal. If straight people don’t have to come out, then why do gay people? That’s all true, but obvs not everyone agrees. And the reason Lil Nas X has an impact here is because he talks about bisexuality.

The above tweet opens up a discussion on bi-erasure, which is a topic we don’t see talked about enough. Even in the LGBTQ+ community, there can be a mentality arround the validity of bisexual identity.

Plus, bisexuality around men is so topical because people are so quick to label any queer men as only gay, and often refuse to acknowledge other aspects of identity. Many think if a man is interested in another man he’s gay, point blank. But apparently women can be interested in other women, and and still be valid in liking men. Or you know, that nasty narrative of “being bi is just a phase till you figure out what you want.” Ummm. No.

Bisexual people are often pushed to “pick a side,” as if everything is so black and white. And talking about bisexuality in men is way more prominent than people realise. Needless to say, bisexuals need more representation, so we’re super happy that Lil Nas X is providing some.

Plus, being openly queer in the rap community is not something we see much of. the fact that a rapper just came out as bisexual could hopefully mean we’ll be seeing an alternative to the “fucking bitches” narrative of so many popular artists.

While I truly hope one day not every one who’s a prominent figure will need to “come out” and make a statement to the public about their sexuality, every person who does is paving the way and breaking the barriers of what sexuality looks like. A country African American rapper can be bi. Not everyone fits in the tiny box of what society deems a gay person looks like or acts like.

It’s a pretty significant act for an upcoming young rapper to make. But, now just as ever before, Lil Nas X just wants to be himself. And in doing so, he’s encouraging others to do the same.

Image Source: @LilNasX

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