Why Mental Health Days Are Good For You

You’ve read this article before. Well, not this specific one, because this is the first time this one has been written. But articles about how it’s okay to be bummed out are all over the internet and at this point, everyone’s read at least 4 of them. There are people with far more authority than me out there who have written these. Doctors and psychologists and counsellors who have given actual solid mental health advice.

But this isn’t an advice column. This is just gonna be a bit real. Because the other week I took my first mental health days off work. I’ve had some times, but I’ve never taken time off work. Usually I’ve just pushed through and cried in the toilet when I’ve needed to.

But forcing yourself to put on a brave face and soldier on can be far more taxing than just letting yourself deal with what’s going on in your head. Especially for those of us still suffering through that customer service life. Having to smile and be nice to arseholes for 8 hours is already hard enough. Trying to do it when all you want is to curl up in a ball is even worse.

It’s those times when sleepless nights are more common than ever, and not just because you can’t turn off Netflix. When you feel like life is getting a bit too heavy and getting out of bed is even more of a fight than usual, that’s a pretty good sign that you need a breather. Being in tune with your body and your emotions is so important. And it’s up to you to listen.

What I’ve realised is that taking time off for your mental health is not only good for you, but sometimes it’s a necessity. You don’t always have to try to be strong and get on with things. Giving yourself the freedom to say that you’re not doing so good can take a lot of pressure off. And when you already feel like you’re starting to buckle under it all, you need all the weight off you can get.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need to be kind to yourself. People will understand. As much as it’s important to keep up with your responsibilities, it’s also important to put yourself first.

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