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Why Peeps Have A Major Problem With Kylie Jenner’s Newest Title Of Youngest Self Made Billionaire

She’s been put through the wringer these past few weeks. Jordy did the dirty and slept with sister Khloé’s baby daddy and rumour has it Kylie’s own bae, Travis Scott, has been up to some suss shit too. Just a day in the life of the Queen of Calabasas, right?

But in what was probably a welcomed disruption to all the cheating scandals ATM, Forbes magazine has titled Ms. Jenner the youngest ever self-made billionaire – snagging Mark Zuckerberg’s top spot by a cheeky 2 years. At just 21, Kiki owns 100% of her beauty line, Kylie Cosmetics which Forbes estimates to be worth a cool $900 million.

Oh hey Kylie, we’re just over here asking ourselves if we can afford extra guac – no biggie!!!

Kylie Cosmetics launched back in 2015 and after selling her famous lip kits online and in popup shops across the States, Kylie quickly moved onto bigger and better things by signing with US beauty retailer giant, Ultra. Following the signing, and in the span of just six weeks, Kylie banked over $54.5million in sales. Kylie told Forbes,

“I didn’t expect anything. I did not foresee the future. But [the recognition] feels really good. That’s a nice pat on the back.”

But with all news comes criticisms from the Twittersphere and Kylie’s newest title isn’t any exception. No one is buying the ‘self made’ bit and many think the title is high-key underrating Kris Jenner’s undoubtedly huge ‘momager’ role that pretty much cemented her launch to stardom as a guarantee – right from the day she was born with lips.

Kylie and Zuckerberg’s beginnings were worlds apart. Facebook began in Zuckerberg’s dimly lit college dorm whilst Kylie Jenner was basically born in a Gucci baby wrap.

Whilst the technicalities of her new title are certainly up for a lot of debate, there’s no denying that Kiki is, and always will be, Queen of the lip kit. The lip game has been transformed forever and TBH, we’re thankful for it.

Image Source: Kylie Cosmetics Facebook, Giphy, @kristianmhouse Twitter, @KorGhee Twitter, @robbedy Twitter. 

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