Why Sex In A Committed Relationship Is Better

Whether you’ve been together for one, ten or fifteen years, getting down and dirty with someone you love and trust has major benefits. Now, not to get confused, this isn’t an article shaming casual sex or short-lived flings, it’s just an insight into the world of sex in a long-term relationship.

No Embarrassment Necessary

In a committed relationship, there’s no real reason to feel the same level of embarrassment you may feel in a one-night stand, or the early stages of a relationship. You can have a laugh about positions that may have not worked out properly.  You can also get away with not trimming/shaving/waxing for a little longer. Oh, and those weird sex noises seem to pass you by as if it’s nothing. Receiving that level of comfort is a sure way to never have to feel like you’re embarrassed.

Being Adventurous

Following up with the no-embarrassment thing, being in a long-term relationship is really the perfect situation to be in if you’re wanting to be a bit more out there. Whether it’s new positions, new toys or just new bedsheets, being with a long-term partner eliminates all unsureness in sexual adventure. You can look at each other mid-sex and shrug off that one of you literally just fell off the bed.

There’s No Such Thing As Embarrassment

Okay, I’m just going to say the thing some of us think after a one-night stand – that was bloody awkward. After dating for a while, that awkwardness ceases to exist. You can keep your stained hoodie on, laugh off any weird noises, and there’s no trying to escape before breakfast the next morning.

Loooooove Makin’

Everyone knows for sure you’ll never get that real raw emotion in a casual hookup. The best part about committed partnership sex is the ability to throw your all into it emotionally. Sex with someone who you love and trust conjures up a connection unlike any you’ve ever felt. Love making introduces a new level of closeness and protectiveness from both people. Not only may the sex be physically better, but it heightens all types of amazing emotions…even post-sex crying. Yeah, it happens.

There’s Zero Pressure

Do they actually like me? What underwear am I wearing right now? Did I shave down there? I hope they won’t mind the picture of my parents on my bedside table. Sex outside committed relationships can come with a bunch of fears and anxieties, which aren’t really a turn on. After time, those worries are able to dissolve into a relationship that is just pure comfort and content.

So don’t be afraid to explore all horizons in your committed relationship, because what do you have to lose?

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