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Why Spilling The Tea On Your Crush Is Like Being Your Own Therapist

Tea (noun): Juicy as heck goss that gets your group chat lit AF on a weeknight.

Allow me to explain.

It’s a scenario we experience all too often. You meet someone and you’re kinda into them but in the big grand scheme of our quest in finding the one, it’s nothing overly spesh or noteworthy. When you know your temporary bae is all that, just temporary, we sometimes tend to stick around longer than we really should. Sometimes the positives are mediocre and the negatives aren’t quite disastrous enough for us to know we want out.

So how should we know when to hit the escape button? How can we recognise, listen and act on the signs that scream ‘safe/clean/heartache free exit’ in flashing, green, seizure-inducing lights?

Well cancel ‘ya Amazon orders you emotionally lost and deranged heart aches, self-help books are no longer required.

The answer is in the tea, and not the chamomile or ginger kind.

Pay attention to the tea.

If you’re bad mouthing your crush to your friends, you’re probably dismissing these venting sessions as just clearing your own clouded mind. But if you’re unleashing on bae’s overly clingy texting habits, or you’re going to town on the way they’ve become wayyyyy too comfortable wayyyy to soon then listen to the tea you’re spilling.

Do you rush to your friends to tell them all the bad/annoying/things you’d rather not have to deal with, first? Well darling, you’ve just solved your own emotional conundrum like a self-helping therapist people often pay a lot of cash for.

Whatever the kind of tea it is you’re spilling, it’s an indication of how you truly feel. If you can’t help unloading all the things that aren’t okay, things probably aren’t okay.

Don’t stick around for someone that only makes you want to rant and rave – these are the times when mediocre positives just aren’t going to cut it.

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