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Why The Last Summer On Netflix Is Sparking My Teen Feels

Although Netflix seem to be pumping out sappy teen movies quicker than I punch through coffees on a Monday morning, I can’t deny that I am absolutely, 100% going to be watching all of them.

This morning, Netflix announced their newest addition to the genre of 14 year old’s diary (but will undoubtedly make it on my recommendations): The Last Summer. While this may sound like your typical coming of age movie… actually, I’m not even going to try and justify this. It absolutely is.

Something that did catch my attention however is the cast that it’s packing.

OK, so let’s break down this lot real quick. We’re talking Kiwi-dreamboat KJ Apa (If you entirely missed the Riverdale wave, KJ plays the lead in the Archie-inspired Netflix show).  We’re talking Teen Wolf heartthrob (just me?) Tyler Posey. One you possibly didn’t pick up on is Aussie actor Maia Mitchell — for anyone who remembers the early 2000’s after-school show Mortified, Maia’s face might spark some nostalgia, as she played girl-next-door Brittany Flune for the entire two glorious seasons.

Shameless Heartstring Plucking

If you’re an absolute rookie at this genre, allow me — a true veteran — to fill you in on how this trailer goes down. Two couples, four best friends, one break up and one new potential fling finding their way through (🥁🥁🥁) their Last Summer (#creativenaming) together before they go their separate ways for college.

Now, I sure as hell am not a recent high-school leaver but somehow this trailer still manages to be a little too relatable. The break-up scene pictured is honestly perfection, and (while I could be outing myself here) I have undeniably uttered the phrase “let’s be just friends” before immediately acting inappropriately friendly. Cue the make-out shot.

So get ready to shamelessly fan-girl over this assault of fake American accents with me, because it’s gonna be real. We’ve got a three-week countdown until this one drops on Friday 3 May – so feel free to join me in watching Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging for the hundredth time until then.

Image: Netflix

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