Why The Matildas Absolutely Deserve To Get Paid The Same As The Socceroos

Their landmark pay deal isn’t just a token PC move.

In a landmark case, Australian women’s soccer team the Matildas are set to earn an equal pay package to their male counterparts, the Socceroos.

If this deal goes through, they’ll be the first women’s sport team in the world to earn as much as the male team, with an equal share of commercial revenue. Which is actually super tragic because it shows just how behind sports are in their treatment of women – but it’s a step in the right direction.

Of course, derision from triggered men who can’t handle women succeeding is bound to follow this potential deal, and when it does there will be cheap claims that women are only getting this pay for the sake of PC.

The Matildas Are Talented And It’s Really That Simple

The thing is though, this isn’t just a case of PC (though even if it was, we really wouldn’t mind). The myth that women’s soccer ‘just isn’t as good’ as men needs to die, and it takes about a second to see why.

Aside from the fact that we need more investment into women’s sport, the Matildas genuinely earned their pay.

The Matildas have consistently been high achievers and won games. In 2017, they came fourth in the world. Just this year, the Matildas reached the knock out stages. Do you know what the Socceroos were doing then? Me neither, because they actually didn’t win a single game.

The Matildas clearly talented and deserving of equal pay, but on top of that they’re just way more exciting to watch too.

And despite the fact that the Matildas have been absolutely killing it, they were only paid one eighth of their male counterparts pay.

Let me repeat that – the Socceroos got paid $8 million to lose, and the Matilda’s got $1 million for getting to knock outs.

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