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Why We Should All Just Hear Jordyn Out For A Quick Second

It’s ‘gonna take a lot to top the drama that’s marked one hell of a start to March, 2019. Since her interview on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk in the early hours of Saturday morning, the world’s reacted with brutish force – including Khloé Kardashian. The interview set fire to the Internet just as hard and fast as the whole cheating scandal began and people largely took to attacking Jordyn for a whole bunch of reasons based on insubstantial evidence no one has been able to prove.

Khloé made what was an exemplar case of capitalisation overkill by calling Jordyn out for using the interview as a platform to spread fake news. She called Jordyn out BIG TIME for failing to approach her DIRECTLY about the matter – even though Jordyn had TRIED to reach out to her multiple times. Shame on you, Jordyn, for trying (no apologies for capitalisation overkill here, totes necessary for added effect).

*Cue public backpedal*.

Aaaaand then in a classic case of the old, ‘Oh shit, backtrack the fuck back because the Twittersphere doesn’t like that’, Khloé did a huge 180 on her tweets and admitted Tristan is to blame, not Jordyn. It’s just a huge shit storm, really. But in Khloé’s reactive rage and her attempt to backpedal on some brutal accusations comes a pretty important point.

If the Internet’s going to put Jordyn Woods on virtual ‘trial’ for her actions, or lack of actions (we don’t know), isn’t it fair that she also be given a fair hearing?

Drama is literally the lifeblood of the Twittersphere, I know, but the Internet ought to give Jordyn a chance to explain her version of events – without judgement. We don’t know Jordyn Woods from a bar of soap, yet we take liberty in choosing not to believe her. Why did we all jump on board Khloé’s reactive rampage and then when she 180’d her way to shift the blame onto Tristan, we totally agreed and bought that, too?

I feel empathy for Jordyn and think the Internet ought to give her a chance to explain her version of events, without judgement. She appeared to be totally raw in both her highly-anticipated explanation of events and in her intentions for deciding to do the interview. She sat down to speak her truth in the hope that speaking out into the void would quell some of the abuse that’s put herself and her family in imminent danger.

Obviously the topic is divided, a lot of people aren’t buying into Jordyn’s act. Whether she’s genuine or not, she deserves a fair trial.

But I guess that’s the way the story unfolds when your life is a showreel broadcast to nearly 10 million people. Also a given, I guess, when you’re best friends with Kylie Jenner. With the Jenner name comes publicity and fame, yet also unforgiving judgement and ridicule. Jordyn undoubtedly knows this by now.

The world’s always got something to say and boy are they ‘gonna say it.

Image Source: Facebook Red Table Talk, Giphy, @KhloéKardashian Twitter 

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