Why You Should Seriously Consider Travelling With Your Parents

Remember the good ole days of family holidays? Take a trip down memory lane and have a flick through all the photos of your fam posing in front of an oversized banana or prawn. Reminisce the times of car games and squabbling over the last chocolate bar with your sibling, then trying to kick them without your parents seeing. Becoming an adult and travelling with your family is a bit different: your parents are no longer the tour guides, but it can open your eyes to a whole new way of travelling.

New Experiences

Forget the days of you being carted away to whatever your parents had planned for the holiday, the responsibility is now shared. You hold the reigns just as much as they do in regards to where to go and what to explore. It’s always good to get a fresh pair of eyes on possible locations, and it can lead you to new places you wouldn’t have necessarily picked for yourself.

Cost Effective

Travelling with your parents is the ultimate score, especially when they offer to shout you that wine tasting tour or boat trips to the islands. The more the merrier, and with a few family members there’s more people to split the price of accomodation and food with. Of course, don’t take advantage of their generosity, but seize those family deals whenever you can.

Learn From Your Elders

Regardless if your parents were massive travellers when they were younger or just went on the occasional trip, they’ll still know a thing or two. From which sights to see, which wines to try, or the best drink to go with your local meal. If they’re adverse travellers, it’s like having your own personal tour guide. And don’t underestimate a mum’s ability to seek out a killer deal.

Quality Family Time

Family holidays give you time to bond with your parents in a way you probably weren’t able to when you were younger. You’re old enough to appreciate them, now. You no longer see your parents as just ‘mum and dad’, but for who they are and what makes them such great people. This is a chance to get to know them better, and bond with them over a few sangrias or a trek through Nepal.

Raises Your Standard of Living

Travelling in your 20’s is a wash of hostel rooms, free breakfasts and cheap flights at the crack of dawn. Your parent most likely have been there and never want to revisit those days, so are more willing to spring for the laps of luxury. Cheers to buffet breakfasts with the ‘rents!

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