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Why You Should Swipe Right Abroad

Solo travel can be incredibly daunting, wandering the world without a guide and no you’re battered Lonely Planet book from 2007 does not count. Sometimes hostel chit chat or bar banter just doesn’t cut it or perhaps it’s a more physical connection you seek, and that’s where Tinder comes in. The flame starting app that is of some people’s everyday routine gets thrown to the wind when we travel, but why? We’ve narrowed down just why swiping away while abroad is a brilliant idea.

Get Your Very Own Local Guide  

Not to exploit your potential love match, but Tinder is your ticket to seeing the city authentically. What better way to find the underground clubs or hit the off the radar eateries than with a local holding your hand? Safety is often a major concern for those using Tinder abroad so meeting out instead of the usual home stop is a great way to level the playing field. Asking for tips acts as the perfect conversation starter, just make sure you alter your bio to note how foreign and exotic you are. And to let the real romantics out there on Tinder for true love know up front you have an expiration date and a return flight.

It’s A No Obligation Exercise

People often get caught up in the presumptions attached to Tinder but there really is none. You know those oddities that use Tinder for friendship, some of them actually are which means sex is never a non-negotiable. Of course if he’s sending you dick pics from the beginning, then perhaps you’re coffee date is going to be clouded by innuendo. Meeting people abroad isn’t as easy as you think, you’ve have to be comfortable to put yourself out there a little and push beyond your comfort zone. Pick your marks, look beyond the vain selfies and you’re bound to find a companion rather than just a lay, even if that companionship is just for the evening.

Enjoy Your Very Own Whirlwind Romance

What is it that makes a foreign dalliance so desirable? Perhaps it’s hearing the other person babble another language or speak in a different slang. Or maybe it’s the knowledge that it can’t last, unless you’re the head over heels after a moment type. Whatever it is, don’t think of it as a negative that things can’t go on, instead treat it as a gift. You can do whatever you want for these few days or weeks, spend as much or as little time with them as you want and it’s a truly no strings attached deal. It’s unlikely you’ll run into them again like you would that random one night stand at your local back home. Nor do you have to worry about them dating one of your friends in the future, instead you get to live totally uninhibited and that’s a blessing in itself. So go forth and swipe your way around the world, it’s worth it.

It’s As Safe As You Make It

Safety and Tinder are always interlinked, but for every horror story there’s a marriage proposal and happy couple going strong. That’s no to say start looking for your wife on Tinder, but instead dating apps are as safe as you make it. Be savvy with your interactions, don’t give out your location or your details without meeting first in a neutral spot. If they’re a local you may be worried about them having the upper hand in terms of location, make sure you have a foreign sim or wifi connection nearby just in case. Make sure to let a pal know if you’re worried and if anything seems off, it’s totally fine to make a dash for it. You don’t owe your foreign mate a thing, so only do what you feel comfortable with. No pressure.

Culture 101

Want Spanish lessons straight from the native speaker’s mouth? Want to know where the best local fare is? If it’s cultural immersion you seek, hanging with the local is the most authentic way to do it. Not to say using Tinder as free guide service is ok, but why not make the most of it while overseas? Rather than letting that little flamed app take up precious space on your phone while it lays dormant. It’ll throw you in the deep end of cultural differences quick smart, so even brushing up on basic dating practices depending where you are is wise. Just so you’re not offending anyone with your too forward or not upfront enough advances.

It’s Better Being A Tinder Tourist Than Using At Home

Hey look, I know this one’s contentious but hear me out. I hate the word tourist and this isn’t to say you travel the word notching up foreign lovers like no tomorrow, but seeing the world is all about the people. Recall your best travel memory, was it the location or was it the pals and new friends that made it particularly epic? Perhaps the introverts won’t agree but even for the more insular of individuals pushing your everyday limits is well worth your while.

There’s also the fact that you get to be the very best version of yourself, without the concern of having a friend of a friend stumble upon your profile. Write a truly authentic profile, put up a stellar pic and let the foreign suitors flock to you. Inhibitions be gone. Holiday you is always the best you, free of responsibilities and self consciousness, take the opportunity to be who you want to be from your dating profile to beyond.

Image source: Travel and Leisure, Arnelle Lozada, Ask Men, Discover VIP Me.

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